My Amsterdam Trip

It's been a couple of weeks  months  and I think it's about time I show you my fiber finds from my Amsterdam trip!

Unfortunately work got in the way and I didn't have enough time to explore (dang work!) but I was able to stop by one shop -- Penelope and Stephen! One of the finals days we had a little break in the action so a colleague friend (who is just as addicted to knitting as I am) and I jumped on the tram and hurried into town to visit and patron the Penelope + Stephen shop:


The small shop was beyond cute. I mean, even before you got in the shop you saw knitterly goodness. Yep that is a crochet cozied bike! 

And the inside was just as adorable: 

 And of course, filled with yarns!

 Oh so much pretty yarn! Many were yarns that I could find here in the states. But some were unique colorways that I had not seen before. Mostly I just had fun looking around and squishing every bit of yarn possible.

The ladies working were very nice. They even gave my colleague and me a free measuring tape (pictured below) for shopping with them! 

Yes... we had fun! 
So I have to admit, I was a little bummed that we didn't see Stephen. HOWEVER, as we were heading back to the tram (we did, after all, have a conference and work to get back to!) a very pale, beautiful man, riding a bike COVERED with colorful knitwear rode by. Oh you KNOW I squeealed like a little school girl as he rode by. Maybe next time I visit the Netherlands I'll pounce on him!

Such a cutie!
Okay so now I know you are wondering... what did you get?!?! Okay, we'll start with the money shot of all the items:

And now I'll tell you a funny story. So I purchased this pattern book because I love knitbot and I had never seen this particular book. I checked the date and sure enough, knitbot Essentials is from 2012. Because it might be difficult to find the booklet again I purchased it. Fast forwards weeks later when I'm looking at my knitted sweaters on Ravelry and a friend mentions she likes the Lightweight Pullover I knit ages ago. As I'm checking out the design I realize it's a Hannah Fettig - huh, apparently I liked Hannah's designs even before I became a huge fan. As we're digging around more I'm noticing my e-pattern book is very familiar. I check out the cover... and sure enough! It's this same knitbot essentials book! So now I have it both e-format and in paperback. Oops! I guess you know I like the patterns.

An 80/20 (80% merino, 20% nylon) fingering weight yarn, dyed in Amsterdam. I walked by the yarn a couple of times and didn't think too much of it. I mean nice colors (the yellows and greens really popped!) but the yarn wasn't the softest. And I couldn't really think of what I'd do with it. Then the shop assistant told me it was all dyed by a lady who lives in Amsterdam -- okay sold! Apparently she specializes in yellows and greens so I had to grab a green. And I love purple so I though why not. But I have to admit, I'm kicking myself for not getting the neon yellow?!?! Ah well... next time. 

Yes I know it's available in the US but I really liked this particular colorway (24 carat!). It's 90% merino and 10% nylon, and oh so unbelievably soft! I'm thinking this might become a little shawlette rather than socks just because of the softness.

Three Irish Girls - Glenhaven Gold Sparkle
Yes, I can get 3 Irish Girls anywhere - even at WoolWinders! But this, THIS, yarn is an exclusive from the Stephen and Steven Tour! I know, I didn't attend but I don't mind grabbing some of the leftover yarn from the rockstar tour! I love that it has just a hint of bling in it - just enough to make a lovely shawl.

Another image of the lovely yarn. 
 And a shot of all the snacks I brought back... I promise I shared with others! Although I haven't had a stroopwafel in a month and now I'm craving one!

And finally, I'll leave you with some pictures of the lovely city. I went on a couple of early morning jogs and a walking tour with a group of friends. Here are some of the images:

De Gooyer Windmill
View from my hotel room. 
Another view from my hotel room - no that is NOT Hogwarts, but it's the place where we had our conference!
Things are so much prettier in other countries... even the details above doorways!
Beautiful canals.
The line to get into the Anne Frank House
More canals. 
For some reason my hotel thought it was important to let me know how many sunshine hours there were each day. 
I'm not even going to tell you how many croissants I had during the week-long stay. 
I had too many stroopwafels too.... 
So there you have it - my trip to Amsterdam. Okay I actually mostly worked but I tried to get a little fun in where I could!

This post should go up as the husband, dogs, bunny and I are driving up the NH. Not sure if I'll be able to write up a post while visiting with the family - so if not - happy holidays and see you on the return!


renae said…
Love this posting. I went to Amsterdam a couple of years ago and after reading this, I really miss it. I will be seeing Stephen and Steven in January.