A Travelling Shawl Post

As a treat I have a post ready to launch while I'm on my work trip -- An update on the Travelling Woman Shawl I completed with my class!

A while back I blogged about my shawl class at WoolWinders. I decided to knit along with my class and this was the result:

Pattern: Travelling Woman by Liz Abinante
Yarn: Rowan Fine Art in colorway Elm 

Although a little pricey - this yarn is fabulous! It's a blend of 45% Wool, 25% Nylon, 20% Mohair and 10% Silk. And it knits easily and blocks wonderfully. Really a great yarn for lacy shawls.

Because I've completed this pattern so many times (and this will be my last time ever) I decided to go all out and make this one bigger than my previous attempts. I ended up completing Chart A 4.5 times... why only 4.5 and not the complete 5? Oh because I ran out of yarn and had to rip back. Good thing this was a class I was teaching about lifelines (teaching makes me have better habits than I would do for my "normal" knits)! Luckily I was able to easily rip back to a spot that made it easy to pick up stitches and continue with the pattern.

It's pretty - I'm happy. On to the next knit....


Anonymous said…
Beautiful! This pattern is seriously one of my favorites - it's relatively easy, but the end product is so gorgeous!