Yoga Socks

Probably the weirdest thing I've knit thus far (actually maybe not [thinking about the yoda hat, diva cozy, and doggy poop bag dispenser]) but a quick and fun knit! Okay, after making hyperlinks to these other knits I've realized I've made a lot of very odd things. Anyways....

Yoga Socks!  

Started: June 14, 2014
Finished: June 16, 2014
Yarn: Cascade Fixation (98% cotton, 2% elastic)

This yarn drove me nuts! 

We had a knitted sample sock at the shop and I couldn't stop stretching it. I would pick up the sock and walk around the store stretching it. You know those stress balls that you squeeze? Similar to that, except I would stretch it because this cotton yarn is so stretchy (so sorry to my shop peep who knit this!!).

After making fun of the yarn and saying how gross cotton yarn is you know I had to buy it right?

I knit a small square swatch and brought it to work so I could stretch it when feeling stressed. But that took up less than a quarter of the ball. So I started to look around a different projects and settled on making yoga socks. I liked this particular pattern because i figured the thong-sock would actually stay put rather than rolling or moving up my foot as I tried to do a yoga pose.

The project itself is easy. The pattern was a little rough... HOWEVER, the pattern was originally written in German (I think) and was translated into English by I'm assuming an ESL. But it's all good because it was a simple enough pattern that one could easily wing it and figure it out from some of the pattern instructions. I did have to change the number of CO sts and decrease rows because this Fixation yarn is a DK whereas the original pattern is written for a fingering weight yarn.

Pattern Mods:
Using a provisional CO - 20 stitches
Decreased until 3 stitches left (one decrease both ends of RS, one decrease on WS)
Worked i-cord for 4 rows
Increased until 20 stitches (one increase both ends of RS, one increase on WS)
Picked up 20 stitches from the provisional CO, worked 1 row in sts.

On the heel I worked a couple of rows of 2x2 ribbing so it would hug the heel area.

After using the socks once I think they are okay. Fine for during a warm up, or if I wanted to just do some simple yoga stretching at home. I might use some puffy paint and make some "grippys" on the bottom. We'll see.

Overall, another fun and functional knit!