French Press Slippers for Work

Cute and comfy. That's what I needed for work.

Recently I converted my work station into a stand-up desk. Actually I can stand or sit with a simple lever pull. But I really like being able to stand and work rather than sitting for hours at a time.

But I wear dresses and suits to work and standing in heels is rather unpleasant. Sure I could kick off my shoes but standing barefoot in my office place just seems rather odd (at least to me). So I decided to look for a pair of cute slipper type of things that I could knit up and wear while standing at my desk. Enter the famous French Press Slippers that were so popular a couple of years ago!

Yarn: Stonehedge Fiber Mill's Shepherd's Wool Worsted (100% merino wool)
Started: June 28, 2014
Finished: July 6, 2014

This was a super quick knit!

  • Two days to knit
  • Two evenings of seaming (because I'm slow and did this while watching tv!)
  • One afternoon of felting (not the whole afternoon - two cycles in my machine)
  • 3 days to dry (because it has been humid as heck here in the DC area)
  • 1 day of finishing (because I'm slow at sewing buttons and straps) 

No modifications (really!). This is a very well written pattern. I guess if I were to knit these again I might seam the heel a little different so it doesn't pucker as much. But really I think this pattern and project is perfect as is. It was my first time felting on purpose (I'm trying to forget about the last mess) and between the pattern and the support I had from peeps things went smoothly. For example, I was told to put the slippers into a pillowcase or a lingerie bag so the fibers don't clog the washing machine pipes. Something I would have never thought twice about until I was cleaning hairballs out of the drum. Another peep mentioned using an old pair of jeans for agitation but to make sure to zip up the fly so felting projects don't get caught into the teeth. Another very good tip!

After a couple of days of wearing the slippers at work (and a number of complements!) I've found that I should probably add some sort of "grippy" type of substance to the bottom. I don't walk around in these, just at my desk, but the wool on the carpet is rather slippery and having something to add to traction would help. Especially if I start doing any of these:
(check out the #4 Celebratory Split Squat Jumps)