Copenhagen Fun - Part 2

And FINALLY here we are for Part 2 of my Copenhagen Fun series!

The second shop visit happened by pure chance. One morning during breakfast a colleague mentioned she noticed a yarn shop (apparently people found out pretty quickly about my knitting obsession) a block from our hotel.

How did I miss that during my research?!?!

One evening after we got back from dinner meetings I quickly changed and went for a run around the block (mostly so I could scope out said yarn shop). Sure enough... there was one! Unfortunately my schedule didn't permit another day-time outing (again, that whole work-thang), unless if I had some time right before I had to leave for my flight.

Luckily... I had enough time before my flight for a quick walk and shop stop!

Yarn Shop #2: Wadils
Vesterbrogade 31
1620 Copenhagen W, Denmark

This shop might be new(ish) because initially I didn't find any information about it online. It appears that Wadils has a larger shop (2 floors!) in another location. Maybe next time I'll try to take a trip out to that one. But this one was cute and a pleasant surprise as I didn't expect to find and/or visit another shop while on my trip.  

I loved how the shop beckons you to come in and visit by displaying beautiful fair isle and intarsia sweaters. The yarn in the baskets weren't anything to jump for joy over... but then again I wouldn't put my best cashmere out on the street either.

This shop was a little different because it had more than just yarn. It also had supplies for embroidery as well as clothing items. Felted, fuzzy slippers, knitted ponchos and wraps, and other cold weather clothing were available. I asked the sales clerk if the items were handmade and she indicated that most were. And made in Denmark or surrounding region. So that's cool. 

I also found it odd that it seemed like everything, EVERYTHING, was available for sale in the shop. Even the tables! I asked if they were going out of business and I got an odd look. I dropped it at that. I didn't want to be the "stupid American" so I just took it that this little shop will sell any and all if their patrons want or need something.  

Similar to the other shop I visited the shelves were stocked to the ceiling with yarns! This one seemed a little less organized that the other - but I still found things that I wanted (and more).

Again some brands that we can get back at home. A lot of Rowan. But there were a number of Nordic yarns that I found appealing.  

More shots of the cold weather accessories. 

I LOVE this guy. 

If I could have found a way to stuff this little guy into my luggage he would have come home with me. How cute is he?!?! 

Okay, now for the yarn procurement:

3 skeins (different colorways) of
A 4-ply, fingering weight 100% wool
100 grams, 437 yards

Only 52 projects on Ravelry, and most are in Danish so I cannot read the reviews. But the project pictures look nice! The lady indicated that this yarn is local and it appears that she was telling the truth. It is spun and dyed by Hjelhots Uldspinderi appears to be a Danish company located in Hesselagergard. It looks like they frequently take tours through the spinning mill (how cool!!).    

The yarn itself is nice but I'm wondering if it will be a little scratchy. It appears that others have commented that they love knitting with the yarn. So we'll see! Plus, one of the skeins is a gift for someone (hopefully she'll get it before this post, fingers crossed!). 

View of  homes and businesses along colorful Nyhavn Canal.
Christianborg Slot (Palace) - well a bit of it.
A regular sight: a long line of parked bikes.
I loved how everyone bikes everywhere!
Even the bikes had street lights to obey!
The Little Mermaid
Overall... I really like Copenhagen! The area is lovely (at least right now with the nice weather). The people were polite and patient (even when I couldn't count the money properly). The food was good and the yarn shops I visited were excellent. I can't wait to go again next year! 


Anonymous said…
More gorgeous photos, my goodness. And it looks like the weather was just perfect while you were there!