Copenhagen Fun - Part 1

I'm back from Copenhagen!

Okay I've been back for a week but between catching up on work and personal matters I'm just getting to this blog post now.

The business meeting was a success - I met many new colleagues from countries all around the world and I'm VERY excited to start working with them on various projects. When I first started this job I wasn't sure about it because it so different from what I originally set out to do - but the more I dive into the position the more I'm loving it. And meeting the other country members and learning about their current initiatives really got me excited for what I could do with my current position and the projects I could start to work on.

Okay enough about that. I know you are NOT here for your daily dose of clinical terminologies. You are here for your dose of fiber. And I'm happy to report... I was able to get a little fiber into my diet while in Copenhagen! In fact the only Danish word I learned was: garn (aka: yarn). Sad, but true.

This is part 1 of a 2 part series. Mostly because I only had time to quickly visit two shops as I was more pre-occupied with working!

So first up:

Yarn Shop #1: Sommerfulgen 
Vandkunsten 3
Copenhagen, Denmark

I read a couple of reviews that said this was one of the best (in terms of yarn selection) and most expensive yarn shops in the city. I have to say, the reviews were pretty spot on -- And I love it! 

The walls were literally BURSTING with yarn! There was a nice selection of high-end yarns. Most of it can be found here in the states. But still very impressive. And very yummy... look at those walls!

The staff were very nice and spoke perfect English (in fact, pretty much everyone I met in restaurants and shops could speak english). Because I didn't have a lot of time I didn't have a chance to speak to the staff about yarns, classes, knitting life in Denmark. Next time I visit I'm going to try to carve out more time so I can learn more about the Danes and knitting!

The shop displays were elegant in taste. Again I didn't have the opportunity to ask about who creates the models - if these are patterns exclusive to the shop or to advertise classes, patterns or show off the yarns. I know - I'm horrible. But really I had no time; that whole work thang... :)

You can't see from these pictures (because I tried to make sure I didn't take pictures of people) but the shop was PACKED with people! I could tell many were tourists (I could here french, English (British and American accents) and a couple other languages I didn't know). But I could tell a couple of shoppers were "locals" because of how the staff greeted them. Love it!

Okay I know you are wondering... WHAT DID YOU GET?! Okay here you go: 

Light Fingering / 3 ply
65% Merino, 35% Silk
591 yards / 100 grams

Design Club DK is a Danish company owned by a knitwear designer named Inger Moldrup Sorensen. After a little bit of poking around it appears that Design Club DK yarns are all spun and dyed in Henrichsens Uldspinderi (a yarn company) in Skive, Denmark. I just really liked this yarn because it was purple, soft, and from Denmark!  

Let's just say, I did my homework prior to my trip. I learned about the famous Marianne Isager, a well-known Danish knitwear designer who also has her own line of yarns. While perusing her designs I fell in love with Diamanten - a shawl, wrap, cloak, poncho-type thing that can be worn 9 different ways! I purchased the pattern prior to my trip and I knew I wanted one of her yarns for this project. So I bought: 

Light fingering weight, 100% wool
100 grams, 667 yards

At first I wasn't sure because it is really not that soft. But I read reviews that rave about the knitting experience and (mostly) the stitch definition in the final product. So we'll see... but really, I can't wait to make that wrap, shawl, thing out of this! My truly Danish project! 

Side note - when I came home and added the yarn to my Ravelry stash I found out that this yarn is sold in a nearby LYS in Baltimore! Made me chuckle... but good to know if I like the yarn I don't have to wait until my next trip to Copenhagen. 

Bonnie by Permin
a 5-ply, sport weight cotton
50 grams, 240 yards

Yes... I got cotton. Me. Yep. And a tape yarn?!?! Crazy, huh? I saw these cute little squishy balls of periwinkle and I needed to get it. I know Denmark (or any other Scandinavian country) is not known for their cotton but I saw this and loved it. These might turn into a light summer top or something.

Permin looks to be a Scandinavian needlework company. I probably purchased yarn equivalent to Red Heart... but I really liked it! So whatever :) Actually this is a lot nicer than what we would find in a typical big box store so I think I'm in the clear on that front.

Finally, I bought this little notion - a tool to measure gauge! Succaplokki is a small company from Finland that creates things (for knitters!) from recycled products. Because I'm all about teaching my students about gauge and knitting math skills I thought I should practice what I preach. And when I have a cute little look like this, how could I not?! Check out Succaplokki Accessories on Etsy - they have a LOT of cute things. Perfect for gifts for the knitter in your life, or for yourself! 

Again I didn't have a lot of time to go sight-seeing. But the little I did see made me really fall for this city... so picture perfect! 
Rosenborg Slot (Castle - okay I learned two Danish words). 
Another view of Rosenborg Slot - not bad when your running route goes by a castle or two! 
Rosenborg Slot Gardens. I think in a couple of weeks roses will be blooming! 
View of the apartments and shops along one of the lakes. My colleague and
I were trying to figure out how we could move here :)  
Frederik's Church - absolutely stunning
Also called The Marble Church is known for it's architecture... beautiful. 
Well, that's all for now. Stay tuned for post 2 - the second yarn shop!


Anonymous said…
WOW! This looks like it was a ton of fun... and that yarn! My goodness. Color me jealous!