Traveling Woman - Me and the Shawl

Yes I'm traveling - but that doesn't mean I'll leave you high and dry without a post this week! So while I'm out of town (er, the country) I thought it'd only be appropriate to share my new...

Pattern: Traveling Woman by Liz Abinante 
Yarn: Mountain Colors Crazyfoot in colorway Ruby Red
Needles: Size 6 (4.0 mm) 
Started: March 2, 2014
Finished: March 8, 2014

Look at that record timing! I knit this in less than six days! And I say less than six because I actually started the shawl in another yarn and ripped it out. Want to know why:

Ew, right? I loooove this yarn; Sweet Georgia Tough Love Sock in Summer Dusk. Which is funny because I can't stand yellow... but I just fell in love with this yarn. And when I found out that I was going to teach a shawl class at that shop this spring I knew I had to make a cute Traveling Woman in spring colors.

But no.
Oh goodness no.
I knew it was bad when the hubs asked if I was ever going to wear it. And after I told him that it was for the shop model to advertise for a class, he asked if anyone would register for said class.

This yarn will have to wait another day.

I instead opted for the really lovely Mountain Colors Crazyfoot. This is a nice yarn! 90% merino wool with 10% nylon. Excellent for socks but the color (Ruby Red!) was just too lovely and wanted to be shown off to the world.  It might have a little too much orange for me but it looks nice nonetheless.

I'm pretty excited to teach this class (what class am I not excited to teach?!) because I really love this pattern. It's my go to when I need a nice gift for someone. And really I think this is agreat project for an introduction to lace. Yarn over increases, both slanting decreases and the dreaded double decrease. Oh yeah and some chart reading too! And because this shawlette only takes 1 skein of sock yarn it is not a huge commitment. Really a nice introduction to lace knitting. I also plan on demonstrating how to block  because really that is when the magic happen and what makes a lacy shawl go from humdrum to beautiful.

So there you have it. Another finished object. A shawl. A traveling woman shawl. And a class plug. All brought to you while I'm out and about in Copenhagen (learning all about SNOMED CT policy!). Fun for you and fun for me!

Until next time!


Anonymous said…

I love this pattern sooooo much, and that final color choice is beautiful!