Traveling Knits

A couple weeks ago I found out work is sending me to Copenhagen for a business meeting. No lie, first thing I did (okay after a little happy jiggy) was look on Ravelry for nearby yarn shops!

Yay for Social Media! 
I'm super excited that I'm going to meet all these people face to face after speaking with them via webmeeting these past few months. Of course I'm getting my work stuff aligned for the trip. But you know, as a knitter I also have to get my traveling projects ready! And I'm sure you really don't want to hear me drone on and on about clinical terminologies and health care policies. :)

So here's a list of potential projects I might take (including the yarn!). Of course I'm not taking all of these (I do need room for suits!). So we'll see which one(s) actually makes it into the travel bag.

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Remember that Sweet Georgia Tough Love Sock yarn that I had? I might try it out on this sheepy sock. We'll see. I'm not sure if 1 - I like this yarn for this project and 2 - if I can do colorwork while traveling.

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This one has real potential to actually make it into the travel bag. Yep, another shawl! This would be with my Crystal Palace Yarns Mini Mochi that I've had in the stash for years.

Pretty Basic by KallioKnits
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And yes... ANOTHER shawl. I've been on such a shawl kick lately. Which is funny because I really don't even know how to wear a shawl. But this pattern looks both cute and easy enough (i.e. doesn't require much thought). This would be knit with Pagewood Farm Denali Hand Dyed Sock Yarnyarn that I purchased the previous year while out in Seattle.

As I said, we'll see which of these (or other) projects make it into my travel bags. What types of projects do you like to work on while traveling? Any knitting travel tips?


beffuh said…
Thanks for the reminder of searching for LYS in Rav! This will come in handy for my upcoming trip.