Alice Mitts

A friend gave me some of her leftover Malabrigo Rasta so I decided to make something for her.  Knowing she had made herself a cute scarf from the yarn I thought she could use a pair of fingerless mitts.

Pattern: None
Yarn: Malabrigo Rasta in Baya Electrica
Started: January 18, 2014
Finished: January, 19, 2014

I've knit fingerless gloves before so I figured I could easily whip these up.  And that I did!  Finished in a weekend - and another weekend of sitting on the blocking mat waiting to get mailed out.  In my defense it was too cold to walk to the post office.  Although that means my peeps could have USED these mitts.  Ooops!  

I had less than 1/2 of a skein but had precicely enough yarn for these.  Ribbing for the cuffs, stockinette stitch, slight thumb gusset with two or three increases (I should have written it down), then 4 bind-offs for the thumb, a decrease row or two then ribbing to finish it off.  

One little weird thing that I noticed was that one mitt turned out more pink, the other purple.  It was leftover from the same skein.  So that is odd. But it will match her scarf so that's all that matters.  Overall, a fun, cute, quick, knit! 


Anonymous said…
Those came out really adorable. And you've gotta love Rasta... it's so squishy and lovely!
Lupie said…
Love the color and they look so nice and warm.