Recycling yarn

Several years ago I knit a cute pair of legwarmers that I've worn exactly twice (Rav link).
Cute right?  The issue is that they are too big and slip down my legs and I end up with jumbled wool around my ankles.  Super embarrassing when you are walking to and from the metro and stopping the flow of people traffic to pull up your leg warmers.  Even MORE embarrassing when you say F-It and stop in the middle of the sidewalk and take off said leg warmers.

There are so many cute legwarmers (calf-high) or boot cuffs right now that would go great with my boots.  And rather than buying more yarn (which is way too easy to do now that I'm working at Woolwinders), I've decided to unravel these goodies and try something new.    

After reading a couple of blog posts and tutorials online I thought I'd take the plunge. 

Ripping out was easy (scary how easy it was to rip out my knitting project!).

 Doesn't it look like ramen noodles?

Luckily I have a new swift so I was able to wind these babies back into hanks.  Of course they were still kinky and curly so next the hanks took a nice bath:

After a little soak I had to hang and stretch the yarn.  I found the easiest way was to hang a hank on hanger and to weigh it down (to pull the kinks out of the yarn) I used cans of soup.

After just a couple hours you can see the yarn is straightening out and almost ready to wind up and use.

And by the next day I had nice re-claimed wool to knit with: 

Stay tuned to find out what these hanks turn into next! 


Sigrun said…
I am waiting with bated breath! I love your Christmas knitting--have the perfect person in mind for the lace scarf, and the perfect yarn in stash.