My New Yarn Bowl

Look who is all cool now and has a yarn bowl!

I always thought these were cute (I do have a certificate in ceramics... go liberal arts education!) so I have a profound infinity for pottery.  However I never thought this would be something that I would ever really need, let alone use.

But now that I have one (with a big thank you to my secret santa!) I will use it all the time.  It really is nice to have my ball of yarn sitting in the bowl and be able to continue knitting without having to grapple with the working yarn as it gets caught on something (like the couch, or a pet).  Although the dogs still get attracted to my yarn and want to investigate what I'm playing with all the time.

So if you were on the fence about purchasing a yarn bowl I say go for it.  At the very least it looks cute in your living room, bedroom or crafting room!  


Anonymous said…
That's so cute! They always seemed so functional... particularly since I hand-wind all my yarn these days... I can't tell you the number of times I've ended up chasing balls across the room.

(P.S. Liberal Arts Ed. for the win!)
Lupie said…
I've always wanted one of those.
Saw a few when I went to Rhinebeck wish I would've purchased one.
Sigrun said…
I have a local source's e-mail address saved on my desktop. One of these days I will go and get one (when this nasty winter is over, since it's only 50 miles away.