Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Boe Gets a New Hoodie

I'm notorious for starting projects and leaving unfinished items languishing on the needles.  Luckily this project was forgotten for only a couple of weeks and not months, or years, as some other projects.  And finishing comes at the perfect time as tomorrow is projected to be the coldest day of the year thus far.   

Yes, we are those people - we now have pups with matching sweaters!

Yarn: Knit Picks Palette Yarn in colorway Fog, held double-stranded
Needles: US 7.0, 
Started: October 2013
Finished: November 11, 2013

I didn't use a pattern this time.  But this sweater is almost an exact replica of the gray hoodie I knit for Rosie.  Again the yarn was held double and this time you might notice the hood and flank areas are a little too short - after a sweater for me and for Rosie I've finally run out of yarn!  So yes, the hood and flanks were cut a little too sharply to ensure I'd have enough yarn to finish the sweater.  But I figured that the hood is more for show rather than of actual function so it should be okay.  In the picture above you can see how the neck area was a little too wide, since these pictures I've gone back and added more knitted fabric to this area to close up the gap.

Overall very easy the second time around and I'm happy to say I think my finishing technique is starting to improve.  And I'm super excited that both my pups can walk around in matching gray hoodies!  :) 

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Cataloging and organizing

I think my librarian ways kicked in high gear.  

You see this screenshot here - that would be my entire yarn stash, imaged, cataloged and linked on Ravelry.  Isn't it beautiful?!?!  And yes I linked to my stash because I am so darn proud of this accomplishment in organization.  I also entered all of my knitting needles (and few crochet hooks) into the database. 

Why did I subject myself to a day of this tedious task?  Well really my thinking was to inhibit myself from purchasing every bit of pretty skein of yarn at my new place of work.  I was thinking of using this as a way to remind myself of what I have and what I should (or shouldn't) buy.  Either way, I do love the feeling of having things neat and orderly! 

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Arm Knitting Rocks

Last week I saw a tweet about arm knitting and I was intrigued.  After a search or two I found two excellent blog posts with videos showing how to knit a chunky scarf in about 30 minutes with your arms!  One post is from Simply Maggie, and shows how to create a scarf with fringe.  The other post is from PinkWhen and shows how to create an infinity scarf.  Check out the videos and you'll be hooked as well. 

Started/Finished: Monday, November 4, 2013 - 40 minutes later done!

I have to say - this technique was quick and fun!  It helps that I had yarn that I've been excited to use.  I purchased two skeins of Gedifra Torrido years ago from Knit Stop in Indiana.  I loved this LYS!  I guess I've been waiting for the perfect project and I think this was it.  This yarn is 67% acrylic, 27% wool and 6% polyester.  Would I like it to have more wool?  Of course.  But I really liked how the project turned out. It helps that the colors (black, white, greys and pink) are very striking.  To make the scarf I held both skeins together, as the tutorials suggest.  And as advertised, it only took 30 minutes with an additional 10ish minutes of me fidgeting with the cast-off and binding.

 Overall I'm very happy with the scarf.  And the process was fun to boot!  I'm thinking this would be a great last-minute gift idea.  With the right yarn and perfect colors I'm sure you will make anyone who loves big, chunky, fashionable scarves happy with this gift!

Boe isn't too sure about the scarf.  

Na, clearly he's giving me smootches because he loves it so much. 

Can you tell I'm happy with scarf?  Now I just need to purchase more bulky yarns to wrap all my peeps necks in similar cute scarves!

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Part-Time Gig

Look who is working a part time job of her dreams! 

Today, as this blog post goes up, I'm enjoying my first day working at Woolwinders Yarn Shop.  This is a cute little mom and pop LYS that I'm honored to now be a member of.  I'll be starting out by assisting patron with yarn, pattern and accessory choices.  And I'm excited to say that I'll soon be teaching knitting classes, mostly likely starting out with knitting basics and possibly an advance technique or project class.

So much to look forward to - so much to learn and teach! 
Oh yeah... 
And so much new yarn to purchase  :) 

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Boe Don't Care... about my knitting!!

Do you remember the internet meme Honey Badger Don't Care (  It was a viral video from early 2011 where a documentary video of a honey badger was personified to show what a bad-ass the honey badger.  Essentially the video shows that badger getting attacked by bees and other angry critters and the honey badger prevails because he is a beast that keeps on trekking.  Thus, Honey Badger don't care... no matter what the situation is.

In our house we have started to say Boe Don't Care.  Because... well... Boe really don't care.  (You can follow some of his antics on Twitter @BoeDontCare).  Essentially Boe will do something that he really shouldn't do and as we proceed to tell him no and "punish" him (negative reinforcement - we don't actually "punish" our pets) Boe will sit there looking at us with the biggest shit-eating grin, tongue hanging out and tail wagging.  Clearly, Boe don't care.  

Last week a friend asked for a hat for her nephew.  Within an hour I had the beanie pretty much completed the little knit and I put it aside to finish the next day.  Later I received a text message from Ry saying he was so sorry because Boe had gotten a hold of my knitting.   

That evening I came home to this: 

Want to see a close-up of the destruction?  
YES!  The brat ate the knitting needles!  He destroyed my stitch counter.  My needle holder is gone.  And a good portion of the yarn is done.  Argh!  
The little shit is so lucky he's a cutie-pie.  Look at how the weirdo sleeps. 
And look at that face.  The little Destroyer of all Things.  Really I've learned my lesson, don't leave my knitting where the dogs can get to it because  ---   Boe Don't Care.