Thursday, February 28, 2013

Random Knits

Not sure if others have seen this - but it's new to me so I thought I'd share (and thus create an archive for me to easily find later).

We now have a knitted corpse! Between the research and painstaking attention to details this must have taken quite some time.

Photo Credit: Neatorama ( 

The brilliant artist is Shanell Papp and I encourage you to check out her Website with many more of her awesome works.  I could only wish to have an ounce of her talent and creativity!

Monday, February 25, 2013

Doggie Poop Bag Dispenser - The reason I started knitting again...

I have to admit that I missed knitting this past year but I just never made an honest attempt to get back into the game.  I did half-heartily start a couple projects (posts pending), but the projects stayed as UFOs on my needles for months.

So what brought me back into the game? 

This little thing: 

As I mentioned previously we adopted her from the Washington Animal Rescue League and named her after the scientist Rosalind Franklin, pioneer in molecular biology and the first to confirm and show the helical structure of DNA, and many other accomplishments.  Of course that's a little pretentiousness, so we call her Rosie.  :) 

When we first brought Rosie home she looked like this: 

A total, hot mess - but we fell in love with her from the moment we saw her.  After a wash and a cut she started to look like this: 

At a mere 3.5 pounds she was malnourished and weak.  She had also just been spayed and had some baby canine teeth removed.  WARL did a wonderful job nursing her back to health after being dropped off at the shelter by a family who neglected her - but poor little Rosie needed more.  And after months of working with her I'm happy to report she is MUCH healthier (now 5.5 pounds) and can easily run, jump, play and eat (actually she eats everything and anything now and need to watch her and dog proof the apartment).  

And (here is the knitting update) when you get a dog, one of the necessary items (at least if you live in the city) is a doggie poop bag dispenser.  And rather than buying one (maybe I'm just cheap) I decided to knit one... and to make it fun.  So after perusing Ravelry I noticed a number of poop bag dispenser patterns: One for a knitting machine or in pouch form.

Well taking these ideas and making some slight modifications, I decided to knit a poop bag dispenser in the likeness of a strawberry... you know how much I love my strawberry motif from previous projects like my purse for a child, and cup cozy.

I shit-you-not, it was easy-peasy! Sorry, I had to.

Strawberry Poop Bag Dispenser for Rosie     
Started: October 10, 2012
Finished: October 10, 2012
Pattern: Slightly modified from other patterns
Yarn: scrap red, green, and brown cotton yarns
Needles: 2.75 mm

It's actually nice because the i-chord ties the top for easy bag refills, and/or to easily tie the poop bag dispenser to a walking bag or to to leash as we walk her.  And... this started me (slowly) back into the knitting game! 

Thursday, February 21, 2013

A Year Later

It has been a quick but fun year. The hubby and I are still in the DC metro region because my fellowship was extended for a second year.  I'm still loving my new career and field of study.  And the hubby has started graduate courses at the nearby University. All is well - actually better than well!

But I have to admit - I have not done any crafting in the past year.  I devoted much of my free time to exploring the area; which has been awesome and we are really falling for the area. 

I think another reason I stopped knitting is because in May 2012 we lost little Kyle.  It was tough, he went in to the vet for a routine teeth shoring and never woke up.  The hubby and I took it hard and still miss him dearly.  We were able to take a quick drive back to Indiana to bury his little body at the Hubby's family farm.  And we hope to plant some ornamental kale, Kyle Mulligan's favorite food, around his plot.
Little Gwen Bean is doing okay but we can tell she needs a little friend.  We try to devote time to playing with her and probably spoil her with treats and three story play condos. 

Kyle Mulligan
One of my favorite pictures of the two buns.
I know GB misses Kyle....  
And then in October of last year we adopted a rescue yorkie from the Washington Animal Rescue League.  Her name is Rosalind Franklin, although we call her Rosie for short.  It has been a joy incorporating her into our lives (granted Gwen Bean and Rosie are still unsure about one another).  We've already started lessons and joined a local small dog meet-up club.  But I'll give you more details about her later.  

Introducing Rosalind Franklin! 
Mostly I am attempting to jump back into the blogging habit -- I've had peeps and family mention they miss seeing updates on my blog.  And plus, I miss it!