Another Arm Knit Post

 Another arm knit gem!  Again it took about 30 minutes and this time I added fringe instead of connecting the ends.

Pattern: Arm Knit Infinity Scarf by Simply Maggie - but not an infinity this time

Seriously this yarn was like butter on my arms.  It is so freaking soft! I think I made it a little long just because I didn't want to stop arm knitting!

Also exciting - this scarf was displayed at the store to advertise my first knitting class! We decided to have a last minute Christmas gift class -- and if you can knit the scarf in 30 minutes it really is a last minute knit!  A little nerve-wracking just because it's the first time I taught knitting (formally in a class that is).  But fun and it was a success.  Plus, I think I have caught the teaching bug and want to teach more!


No kidding, I had a normally non-knitter friend over for the New Years and she just showed me how to do this. They're popping up everywhere! (Yours is way prettier than the one I made though! Better colors. Mine is pretty neutral.)

Also, teaching is awesome, isn't it?