And Yet - ANOTHER Arm Knitting Post

Pattern: Arm Knit Infinity Scarf by Simply Maggie
Knit in ~20 minutes (my quickest one yet!) on Sunday, December 22, 2013

This yarn was gifted to me from an awesome person and I was super excited to arm knit an infinity cowl for my best friend.  I had been eyeing the yarn for a while and every time I passed it I thought it would look cute on my BF.  It was just sent out to her so hopefully the timing of this post and the postal service up in Maine work out in my favor!

The second big item I have to report is that I was on tv!!  The arm knitting class that I taught a couple weeks ago was featured on CBS markets across the country!  Below I've embedded a video to the segment as shown in Minneapolis, MN.  It was a fun day for the students (and for me).  And I'm so glad that Woolwinders yarn shop is getting noticed as a cool shop to visit and patron.  I mean come on... how many bosses/shop owners would take a chance and let a newbie employee teach a class on arm knitting, a random fad?!  Luckily for us the owners of this shop are open to trying all kinds of new and exciting techniques in fiber arts.  And luckily for me, I found an AWESOME part-time gig!

I don't know how I'm going to top this for my next course!  I'm in the brainstorming mode now - I'm thinking of doing a dog sweater class next.  We'll see... and stay tuned!


Sigrun said…
this comment is for all the arm knitting posts. Amazing. I will definitely have to try that. (Next year's Christmas gifts?)
That is so ridiculously cool. Congrats!!