Boe Don't Care... about my knitting!!

Do you remember the internet meme Honey Badger Don't Care (  It was a viral video from early 2011 where a documentary video of a honey badger was personified to show what a bad-ass the honey badger.  Essentially the video shows that badger getting attacked by bees and other angry critters and the honey badger prevails because he is a beast that keeps on trekking.  Thus, Honey Badger don't care... no matter what the situation is.

In our house we have started to say Boe Don't Care.  Because... well... Boe really don't care.  (You can follow some of his antics on Twitter @BoeDontCare).  Essentially Boe will do something that he really shouldn't do and as we proceed to tell him no and "punish" him (negative reinforcement - we don't actually "punish" our pets) Boe will sit there looking at us with the biggest shit-eating grin, tongue hanging out and tail wagging.  Clearly, Boe don't care.  

Last week a friend asked for a hat for her nephew.  Within an hour I had the beanie pretty much completed the little knit and I put it aside to finish the next day.  Later I received a text message from Ry saying he was so sorry because Boe had gotten a hold of my knitting.   

That evening I came home to this: 

Want to see a close-up of the destruction?  
YES!  The brat ate the knitting needles!  He destroyed my stitch counter.  My needle holder is gone.  And a good portion of the yarn is done.  Argh!  
The little shit is so lucky he's a cutie-pie.  Look at how the weirdo sleeps. 
And look at that face.  The little Destroyer of all Things.  Really I've learned my lesson, don't leave my knitting where the dogs can get to it because  ---   Boe Don't Care.  


Melissa said…
Lol--good think he's cute! But I'm glad my dog has no jaw strength. Biscuit cannot bite through a baby carrot. This is a good reminder to me that I shouldn't grumble at having to slice the aforementioned carrots.