Arm Knitting Rocks

Last week I saw a tweet about arm knitting and I was intrigued.  After a search or two I found two excellent blog posts with videos showing how to knit a chunky scarf in about 30 minutes with your arms!  One post is from Simply Maggie, and shows how to create a scarf with fringe.  The other post is from PinkWhen and shows how to create an infinity scarf.  Check out the videos and you'll be hooked as well. 

Started/Finished: Monday, November 4, 2013 - 40 minutes later done!

I have to say - this technique was quick and fun!  It helps that I had yarn that I've been excited to use.  I purchased two skeins of Gedifra Torrido years ago from Knit Stop in Indiana.  I loved this LYS!  I guess I've been waiting for the perfect project and I think this was it.  This yarn is 67% acrylic, 27% wool and 6% polyester.  Would I like it to have more wool?  Of course.  But I really liked how the project turned out. It helps that the colors (black, white, greys and pink) are very striking.  To make the scarf I held both skeins together, as the tutorials suggest.  And as advertised, it only took 30 minutes with an additional 10ish minutes of me fidgeting with the cast-off and binding.

 Overall I'm very happy with the scarf.  And the process was fun to boot!  I'm thinking this would be a great last-minute gift idea.  With the right yarn and perfect colors I'm sure you will make anyone who loves big, chunky, fashionable scarves happy with this gift!

Boe isn't too sure about the scarf.  

Na, clearly he's giving me smootches because he loves it so much. 

Can you tell I'm happy with scarf?  Now I just need to purchase more bulky yarns to wrap all my peeps necks in similar cute scarves!


Sigrun said…
That's awesome!!