The tale of the cursed yarn

Here is a scary yarn of a tale for you on All Hallows Eve....
There once was a yarn. A beautiful yarn.  A deep, royal purple of a yarn.  This yarn was so beautiful that it was purchased based on this sole characteristic.  However over the years this yarn has become the bane of the purchasers' existence because it would not SHAPE to any project thrown at it!! 

Yes, my friends, this yarn has been tried, and tried, and tried again; in 14 different projects in fact.  Only to get frogged and balled up for a different try.  The issue is that the yarn will not hold any shape nor does it like to be manipulated into any sort of pattern. Very frustrating.  Have I mentioned that it is a lovely color, one which complements my skin tone nicely.  I think that is why I was so committed to using this yarn.

So finally I decided enough is enough.  My husband wants me to use up some of my stash (and plus I need to make room for all the purchases I'm bound to make because of a new gig... more about that in a later post).  This past weekend I was looking at it and decided that I would show this yarn who is boss and form it to what I wanted.  I ended up taking all 6 balls of this yarn and winding them together.  Yes.  Six.  Six balls of yarn stranded together to make a bulky yarn.  The yarn is advertised as a DK weight.  Really I think it's somewhere between fingering and sport.  And the resulting 6-stranded monster yarn is somewhere between a bulky and superbulky.  If I was really good I would do the test to see how many wraps-per-inch but I'm too lazy to go find the leftover yarn (after I was done I threw the previously cursed yarn back into the stash box hoping to not see if for a while).   

So what did I do with the 6-stranded monster?  
I knit myself a scarf!  I haven't knit one of these for myself in YEARS! 

Pattern: None
Yarn: Plymouth Dreambaby (50% Acrylic and 50% Nylon)
Needles: Two sets of US Size 15
Started: October 26, 2013
Finished: October 28, 2013

Nothing too fancy.  I decided to make it into an infinity scarf because I'm kind of obsessed with those things lately.  And because we are working with the worst yarn ever I kept it simple and just did a simple seed stitch.  Which also worked out great while watching my BoSox kick some @$$ in the MLB playoffs.  To make it a little more fancy I decided to add a twist - not a true mobius, but done in the cheaters method.  

Actually I started this on Saturday evening as a mobius scarf.  If you have not watched Cat Bordhi's moebius  cast on video - you must (Link here).  So what started out as a fun little project that was going well with the cursed yarn turned ugly quick.  As I was knitting my mobius away I noticed my tension was getting tighter and tighter.  I thought it was because I was getting mad at the Red Sox (it was an evening where they were losing terribly).  Next I noticed my hands started to hurt.  Nevertheless I kept going and didn't think anything of it until the next day when I picked it up and started knitting again.  Right away my hands started to hurt.  I really think the yarn (acrylic and nylon) was a pain to knit with!  Argh cheap stuff!  Well as you can see my project is NOT a mobius scarf and it is because the yarn broke my needle and I decided to go uber simple and hence the final seed-stitch scarf.

Moral of the story.... just because a yarn is pretty I think I'll need to look at the composition and really think if I want another cursed yarn in my stash.         

Pssh... who am I kidding?!  I'll totally buy more yarn just because it's pretty and non-functional!  Apparently I've blogged about cursed gorgeous yarn and shoes before... so yeah chances are I'll buy it again soon.