Owls in the Woods

We've been doing a lot of hiking lately and Rosie missed the memo about Yorkies being fru-fru dogs - this dog can HIKE!  We've gone on a number 5+ miles hikes through the woods, on and off trail and through rough terrain.  She has been a trooper!  And it's nice because now that she is properly trained to come and stop when called we can have her off-leash which she just loves.

But the past few times we went hiking I started to become worried because she is so small, fast and blends in with the fall colors of the forest.  So I thought I could make some neon-colored clothing to mark she was a pet and not some hunt-able game critter.  

After hunting around for some neon yarn I found some at a big box store.  Not stoked that I had to purchase yarn at a big box but neon must not be a eagerly sought out color.  I ended up with Caron Simply Soft neon orange and yellow.  Again not super happy - but it works for what I need here.  Besides I spray the natural tick repellent on Rosie when we go hiking so really I guess it's okay if I get this sweater all gross and I have so much yarn left over I could knit a couple more for the queue.  

Pattern: Ginny's Cardigan by Mari Chiba
Yarn: Caron Simply Soft in neon orange
Needles: US 5
Started: Oct. 7, 2013
Finished: Oct 13, 2013

I decided to knit this as a button-on shell sweater as I've knit for Rosie before.  I don't even need a pattern anymore and can easily wing it as I go.  However instead of making a plain stockinette or garter stitch back, this time I decided to add a pattern.  I ended up using the owl pattern from my new Interweaves magazine, The Unofficial Harry Potter Knits, special edition.  This particular lace pattern is the back of a gorgeous cardigan inspired by Ginny Weasley.  I actually intend to knit this cardigan for myself but I thought it would be adorable as a doggie hiking sweater.  The pattern itself was easy enough, although purling the 4 yarn overs was a bit cumbersome and I think I was a little sloppy on two of the eyes.  But again, this is just a hiking sweater and it was nice practice for when I do knit this for myself.

Can't you tell she's saying... "Okay, let's go!!"  


Catherine said…
WOw all that beautiful lace will get dragged through the undergrowth but the colour suits your dog perfectly