Furlough Projects

Here are a number of items I've worked on during the government shutdown.  This was in addition to the 40+ miles I walked/jogged, closets and cabinets I organized, (4) books I read and all the other little things completed.  Too bad my energy went to this and not to doing my job - serving the scientists, clinicians, librarians and US citizens.

Okay had to get that off my chest.  Can you tell I'm still perturbed?  Ah well....  At least I was able to make good with my time and had fun in the process.  No more political talk, I just had to vent....  

But yes, here are a number of crafty things I worked on (in addition to the Owl in the Woods sweater).

Doggie sweaters and shirts:
I cut up a sweater that no longer fits and both Boe and Rosie are enjoying their new sweaters (kinda).

I had a pair of flannel pj's that were beyond repair so Boe was lucky to receive a flannel shirt.  I'm glad you can't see the sewing job on this... I really need to learn how to sew.  I see a class on sewing in the future!

Doggie toys:
With the same flannel pj's I braided rope tug toys.  Can you tell Boe likes it?  So does Rosie but Boe goes crazy for the toys.

All kinds of fun for cheap!  I found all of the ideas on Pinterest: 
Sweater from a Sweater Sleeve: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/84512930481109522/ 

Until next time!