Hellz yeah - a finished item!

Carlotta Cape, Pattern for free from Lorella Degan
Started: December 24, 2012
Finished: August 11, 2013
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I started this caplet last year but sadly it has sat at the bottom of my knitting basket for months.  A couple months ago I did a teaser blog post saying how I was knitting (publicly while riding the bus even).  But after that snapshot I am embarrassed to say the item went into the basket never to be seen again.  Until a couple evenings ago and I decided it was time to bust this knit out.

This yarn has been sitting in my stash for YEARS!  I found it a number of years ago at a local yarn shop and fell in love with the color.  Even wound up in a ball I could tell the color way would produce beautiful striping.  I wanted more of it but it was discontinued.  Then, years later, I found a huge lot of the yarn (with a different Italian company label) at a local craft store that was going out of business.  Crazy me decided to buy all of it so I became the proud owner of over 30 balls of this random yarn.  I should also mention that the yarn itself is odd, it is comprised of little chain-links which causes it to be really easy to split while knitting.  It's a cotton-acrylic blend so we'll see how it wears over time.

For a good 6 years now this yarn has sat around with no pattern designated to it.  Last December I decided it was time to do something with the yarn.  Or it might have been a little voice called a nagging husband urging me to knit from my stash.  After some searching I found this cute pattern.  The pattern itself was okay - I got a little confused at some point but I don't think it was the pattern or the designer but rather user (i.e., knitter) error.  I didn't really follow the pattern (huge shock).  I would mention deviations from the pattern here... but honestly I started the project so long ago that I cannot find any of the notes.  So we'll just go with the fact that the pattern worked and the finished caplet is cute and fits well.  I think this will work as an extra layer of warmth this winter - it will fit well over my clothes and under my coat.

Now we'll see if I can CO another project while I have my knitting mojo rearin'

-- Oh I should also mention that I have a new Twitter handle for all knitting things (don't worry I still use DrChopSuey for all my library, EHR, data and normal geeky goodness).  The new handle dedicated to knitting is: DrChopSueyKnits


Sigrun said…
It's adorable. I'm proud of you for finishing this languishing project. I just finished (a draft) of a long-term unfinished project, too.