National Zoo fun

Yesterday the hubs and I got up early to run at the National Zoo.  The grounds open at 6am but exhibits and buildings don't actually open until 10am so early mornings are pretty quiet (other than the occasional lion roar).  A large number of animals live outdoors or have habitats where they can roam inside or out - so there is a good chance you will see a fair number of animals.  And with it being tourist season it gets very crowded in all the DC hot-spots - so there are many reasons why going at this time is excellent.  We were able to see the lions, elephants, pandas and much more.  But the highlight of the morning (other than the 5.5+ mile run/walk) was seeing Ry make a new friend:

So cute!  This little guy was just looking for fun and clearly Ry was all about playing with him!

You might also notice that the hubs is looking lean and mean.  He and I have both taken a challenge to getting healthy and fit.  Soon I'll post about the "system" we are using... very simple and yet geeky.  So naturally I love it.  But for now enjoy the hubs playing with the sea lion :)