Happy DNA Day!

Today is a very special day... it's my birthday AND National DNA Day! http://www.genome.gov/10506367

Today is a day to learn more about all things genomics - the history, current research and trends for the future.  Mostly I like today (well it IS my birthday, but I mean the "holiday") because it's a fun day for kids to learn and become excited about the sciences.  

Besides, you know what a geek I am - and my love for the double helix is massive.  

Case in point: My DNA earrings and necklace

My dog named after Rosalind Franklin

I'm living a dream working at the National Library of Medicine at The National Institutes of Health

And now I have DNA Socks!  

Pattern: Denature by Margaret Mills
Yarn: Shibui Knits Socks in Canary Yellow
Needles: 2.0mm
Started: March 26, 2013
Completed: (almost!) April 25, 2013

I was desperately trying to finish these socks for DNA Day to wear to work.  But then I realized I would be traveling in a car all day so it didn't really matter.  And I'm so close to finishing... I'm thinking I can finish up the toe while riding in the car.  Nonetheless, they are near complete and I really like them!  The sock pattern was initially a little tricky.  I've never continued a pattern down the ankles and around the heel but once I got the hang of it the sock moved along quickly.  This was my first time cableing without a cable needle - which was kind of fun (again I re-emphasize the dork aspect of myself).  The original pattern called for a CO of 70 something stitches - and that was for the small!  I ended up doing 60sts and I still found it too large.  You can tell from the photos that they are a little on the bulky side.  But they will make nice house socks, or to wear over another sock when I need extra warmth.  The pattern comes with an additional arm warmers pattern called Anneal (cute, huh?!).  I might make these at a latter date - I figure arm warmers are always a necessity at work while typing away on the computer - why not a pair with a DNA helix annealing? :) 

I do have to mention the yarn.  It was my first time using Shibui yarn and oh my do I love it!  I bought it a couple years ago at Knit Purl during one of my trips to Portland, Oregon.  I really liked the little shop and too bad I'm so far away.  But the yarn is really nice to work with, we'll see how it wears over time.  And this yarn and colorway were perfect for this project, I just love how colorway makes the DNA double-helix pattern pop! 

And yes I actually wrote this post in advance because the hubs, pup, bun and I are all packed in a car making our way to Indiana.  See... I have 9 hrs of car time so plenty of time to finish these and CO my next project!  But yes, we are headed on a quick little trip to see friends and family for the weekend.  And what a great way to start the long weekend... with a celebration of DNA!  I hope you all have a great DNA Day!