Suzy Rick Socks

Pattern: Rick by Cookie A from her Sock Innovation book
Started/Finished:  Sock one was knit while traveling in May 2012 
and sock two was knit during the month of Februrary 2013
Yarn: Koigu Premium Merino (100% merino bliss in bright, bold, red)

I love Cookie A patterns!  The intricate designs sometimes make my head spin are beautiful and actually a lot of fun to knit.  This particular pattern was actually really easy.  Once you set it up it was really easy to figure out the pattern and just knit away without looking at the pattern.

As for the yarn... I'm a fan of expensive Koigu.  Is it overpriced?  Yes.  But sometimes a girl has to splurge!  And when I saw this bright red colorway I had to have it.  I noticed a number of people have made comments about the yarn bleeding and stretching after washing so I was really careful to handwash and pin to dry.  We'll see how long this lasts because I'm notorious for throwing my hand knit socks into a laundry garment bag and into the washer and line dry.

However, I did notice that the toe area came out a little wonky.  In fact, I've noticed this on my last two pairs of socks.  I'm thinking I need to take a crash course and re-learn how to properly finish a sock toe.  Funny how after years of knitting you become so comfortable with something and then start to slack a little.  The toe finishing on this sock are just not my best work and it peeves me off!  It's not the pattern -- it's absolutely me being sloppy and taking short cuts.  I'm debating how to correct this issue.  If this was something with work I know I'd seek advice/help from a colleague, find some online tutorials and brush up on current information.  So I'm thinking about doing the same in this situation.  I've never taken a knitting class... maybe there should be one in my future?  I'll evaluate the problem (me!) and find the solution(s) and maybe soon I'll have an update... and socks with better knit toes!