Recently I took a day trip Baltimore for a work-related site visit.  The professional development portion of the trip went well but I thought I'd share the pics of something I saw on our walking tour of the area:

Yep, we were taken to a graveyard?!  But it was pretty cool because we saw the burial place the famous poet Edgar Allen Poe.  I am kicking myself for not getting pictures of Westminster Hall, a gorgeous old building (formerly a church) on the cemetery grounds.  I might go back sometime and take a tour of the catacombs (ew, but oddly intriguing!).  Nonetheless, for all you literature fans I thought you might like seeing the grave site of the poet.


Sigrun said…
I don't think that's gruesome at all. When I was a kid, we lived across the street from a cemetary. We played there (respectfully) a lot. I loved putting dates onto the names, without knowing history, discovered that there were an inordinate number of deaths around 1918 (spanish influenza), that a lot of children and infants died. we learned often where people immigrated from. I took my young granddaughters to my church cemetery, without prompting them, they noticed the same things. An education, and lesson on the triumphs of life, even though the end is the same.