Doggie Sweater - Part IV (Final sweater - for now)

Pattern: Heavy modifications to the Hoodie Dog Coat
Started: December 2012
Finished: December 2012 (quick knit again - maybe took me 4-5 days of knitting here and there). 
YarnKnit Picks Palette Yarn in Fog, held double-stranded
Needles: I think 4.5mm

I love pullover hoodies.  My hubby loves pullover hoodies.  If we could dress like college undergrads for life, I think we would.  So why not stick Rosie into a pullover hoodie too?!

Again I took a couple of different patterns and modified it to my liking.  And because by this time Rosie had started to gain some weight, I no longer felt like I would break her little legs, so I decided to try knitting front sleeves.  Actually I have to be honest, I really messed up this pattern and the front had to be sewn together and taken in a little to fit her properly.  And the hood -- oye!  I've always prided myself on my talents with geometry but oye I had a tough time wrapping my head around how to knit the dang hood!  Two of the knitting days involved me starting and ripping back failed attempts.  I probably could have easily looked up knitting patterns for regular sized (adult or kid) hoodies, but I like to make things difficult and figure it out myself.

Well finally I got it and here is the finished result.  Overall a huge success and it looks uber cute on her.  I don't think Rosie diggs the hood too much, but I think she appreciates the warmth on cold days!


Sigrun said…
Now she has a wardrobe. Love the hoodie.
Amanda said…
The hoodie looks adorable on her!