Doggie Sweater - Part II

And then my second attempt at a doggie sweater....

Started: Sometime in October 2012
Finished: Sometime in October 2012
Cable Pattern: Cabled Argyle Pattern from Vogue Knitting Stitchionary, Vol 2: Cables
YarnSouth West Trading Company Pure, a soysilk blend, in Cabernet colorway
Needles: Maybe a 4.0 mm (?)

After the weird teal-blue thing I made this beautiful sweater.  I used what I learned from the first attempt, and looked at some additional patterns (from this search query).  I also utilized my knitting library and found a cute cable argyle pattern from the Vogue Knitting Stitchionary.  I think this cable pattern is what gives the sweater more appeal.

What I love about this project -  again, the ease in putting the garment on/off Rosie, the pretty and simple(!) cabled pattern, and softness of the yarn.  While knitting I loved the yarn!  In fact I had originally purchased the yarn for a sweater for myself.  It is a beautiful soy-silk blend, so soft and light.

But what I hate about this project - after just an hour or so of Rosie wearing it (even while sleeping) the sweater stretches beyond belief!  Such a huge disappointment.  I am debating if I should just throw it into the washer and dryer to see if it'll felt.  Yes I'll lose that beautiful stitch pattern - but at least then Rosie might be able to wear it!  I am glad that I knit a small garment and noticed the droopiness and stretching of the fabric before spending a lot of time knitting a sweater for myself.

Overall, so-so.  I think it is a pretty sweater.  But the fact that it stretches and doesn't keep her warm makes it not functional and thus a fail.  Ah well....


Kristin said…
Any chance you could sew something on the inside to add structure? Fleece seems the obvious thing, but I think it might stretch too much. Felt is probably a better idea. When in doubt, a cotton print will also do the job.
DrChopSuey said…
Oh good idea Kristin! I'll try out a felt lining and let you know... thank you for the assistance!! :)