Love From a Friend on the Day I Needed It

We all have THOSE kind of days.

You know what I'm talking about.

A couple days ago I had a heck of a morning.  First - I woke up to find my bed SOAKED.  My hot water bottle had leaked ALL night long.  I love my hot water bottle, it keeps me nice and warm.  But it has been leaking lately so it might be time to purchase a new one.

So next -- I managed to spill my coffee all over myself and all over the bathroom floor.  Yes, this is always the danger of multitasking - taking a shower, doing my hair and makeup and all the while trying to consume enough coffee to wake my sorry butt up.  And clearly this was one morning when the caffeine really needed to be ingested rather than trying for the absorbed through the epidermis method.  So with this mishap I had to change my suit -- and then I realized I was running late for the bus.  So I quickly got my stuff together and ran out to catch my bus (mind you I can either take an earlier bus or the later bus and still make it to work on time... I was running late for even the late bus).  As I ran outside to the bus stop I realized I didn't have my bus pass.  I started fumbling around for my metro pass and realized... yep I left that in the apartment as well.  So I sprinted back up to the apartment as quickly as possible... and...  I missed the bus.  Luckily we live close enough to the metro so I walked over there and boarded the next train to work.

Luckily by the time I got to work the world of bad luck decided to move on to the next poor soul.  Nonetheless, after work I decided to do a little shopping therapy.  Thank you Mumma Roy for the Victoria's Secret gift cards!!  I was able to hit the semi-annual sale and scored some sweatpants and big, comfy sleeping t-shirts.

Finally -- when I got home I found a cute package addressed to me in the mailbox.  The packaging was perfect  -- recycled (and recyclable) shipping packaging.  I quickly opened it and out pops a cute little handwritten notecard (card handmade by a local artist).  My friend (who authors an amazing blog that you crafty peeps would love) sent me a little thank you for some yarn that I gifted her.  Also in the package.... handwarmers!  She knit these from the yarn I had gifted.  The yarn is from Frontier Fiber Mills (I first wrote about the yarn here) - it is a beautifully soft alpaca & merino blend.  One thing that I noticed - simple and elegant garter stitch fingerless gloves -- oh my so nice!  Seriously every stitch is perfect.  Briney Deep is such a good knitter -- her homemade gifts are better than homemade.  Seriously.  Crafted with excellence.

So thank you Ms. Briney Deep, your gift was a wonderful surprise.  It would have been special regardless, but after the hectic morning it was truly special to receive such a nice gift.  Thank you!

And yes... it reminds me to always pass it on  :)


Kristin said…
I so glad to have brightened up a bad day!

Just so you know, the fabric will felt a bit with wear. After wearing my mitts a lot, there is a clear right one and a clear left one.
lunaticraft said…
Those days are the woooorrrrssssstttt. Glad to hear your friend (who is immediately going on my blogroll btw - her blog is delightful!) cheered you up with such an adorable gift!