Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Lace Cardi Update

The SO and I are now in Rockville and starting to make the new pad into our home.  I should have some updated pictures of the move soon.  

What I wanted to do today was introduce you to my new project.  A couple of days ago I posted a quick pic of the Lace Cardi, but no formal introduction was done.  So here, my friends, is the Lace Cardi: 

I decided to kit the Lace Cardi (patterned designed by Courtney Kelley) published in the Vogue Knitting, Spring/Summer 2011.  I'm using Plymouth Yarn's Dreambaby DK Solid, in a lushous deep purple colorway.  Thus far I'm enjoying the pattern and the yarn.  It's actually a very simple lace pattern (I don't even need the instructions).  I haven't been able to knit a whole lot because of the 11+ hour drive... but I'll try to sneak in a row here and there. 

I know, not the best pictures... but it'll have to do until I find my camera (these were done with my android phone).  I hope to have more pics and stories for you soon!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Last Minute Indiana Trips - 5

The SO and I took a trip to DePauw University, his undergrad and where he proposed to me.  Mainly I think he wanted to eat a GCB (the famous garlic cheese burger from Marvins), but we'll just pretend that he wanted to visit the magical spot one more time before we left Indiana.  

So this was the spot.  Right in between these two trees where I had originally asked him if we were official (okay I said a couple of explicit words and was a little rude about it).  And then 2.5 years later he took me to the same spot and proposed.  And today we walked by, holding hands and had a laugh.  The SO made comments that maybe there was a black hole in this spot where the universe sucked all rational thoughts out of your head, and as we stood there we were shocked at the heat and burning beam of light that reflected off the windows of the academic building across the street!  It was actually pretty hilarious.  Nevertheless, we took a moment to enjoy the memories and reminisce over some of our times here in Indiana.     
I'll be the first to admit that I've wanted to leave the state from the moment I moved here.  And between ending a phd program, having cancer (three times), losing two grandparents and being too far away from my family, I've had some rough times in this state.  However.... I've also found the love of my life and a best friend.  I've gained some life-long friends, colleagues and mentors.  I finished another masters program, gained tremendous amounts of research experience and I have found a profession that I am so excited to begin.  I've gained so many experiences and acquaintances that would have only happened if I came here.  And I would never ever change any aspect of what I've learned and experienced these past six years.  Am I looking forward to moving?  Of course!  It's the next chapter in my life... in our lives!  But I'm surprised and a little emotional because I now realize that I will miss this place... the people that I've met here have made such an impact on me.  So as this blog post goes up the SO and I are starting on our drive to Maryland to start the next chapter.  With us, I plan on taking all the memories of Indiana and cannot wait to share with all of you the next stage of our lives!   
 To the Indiana peeps... I heart you!  Thank you for the amazing times!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Last Minute Indiana Trips - 4

The SO and I took a trip to Delphi, Indiana to see the Wabash and Erie Canal.  Back in the mid-1800's over 460 miles of canal were built and most of it was right here in Indiana.  They wanted to link the Great Lakes to the Ohio River and to the Mississippi and thus the Gulf of Mexico.  Unfortunately for the canal owners, the modern railroad prevailed and the canals never made money and thus were disbanded in the late 1800's.  Today you can visit some of the canal in Delphi.  The area has become a bit of a tourist attraction and you can hike and bike trails and visit a museum.  

Here we are trying to move a wooden "riverboat."  As you can see we couldn't even budge it.  

You can see some of the original canal stone.  Other than the smell from the stagnant water (appealing I know) it was actually kinda pretty.

 The little tunnel we had to pass through... I just thought it would make a cute picture op.
 And other other side of the closed canal.  Yep.  More stink and lots of algae.
 We saw lots of huge fish!  My bro would have loved to fish in the canal.

 And in the museum (I couldn't take pics in the museum) we learned (well re-learned) a lot about the canal system.  To be honest the most fun was a model canal system with actual running water and a wooden boat.  The SO and I had so much fun opening and closing the wooden canals and splashing water everywhere.  I kinda want a water table to play on!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Lace Cardi sneak peak

Here's a little sneak peak at some knitting goodness.  Not too much is going on as I should be packing....

I'll give more details about the pattern and yarn later.  But I thought I'd give you a little sneak peak at what's to come! :) 

Monday, July 18, 2011

Last Minute Indiana Trips - 3

A quick trip to historic Prophetstown, Indiana brought us back to early 1900's Indiana.  

The Prophetstown State Park is located in Battle Ground Indiana and has a 1920's farm, a Native American village, hiking trails and camp grounds.  The SO and I visited the farm and some of the driving trails to see the pretty area.  And plus we love visiting state parks (and donating) since our wedding ceremony in a state park last November! 

We saw some cute goats.
Don't you think this is a picturesque farm?!  Love this!

We had a blast watching this little guy drink... he drinks like our Gwen Bean!  She slops like a piggy!

Happy little piggy!  Actually we visited on a hot and humid day and I would have loved to take a cool mud bath (although not with the pigs!).
This little chicken (rooster? no sure) followed the SO.  Quite comical!

Windmill!  You know how much I heart these!

Oh, and along our way we traveled over a 1-lane bridge.  A one-lane bridge!  Crazy!  We had to let the other cars cross first before we could.  I had never seen anything like that before.

Overall a fun day!  Something different and we're glad we visited before we moved!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Last Minute Indiana Trips - 2

The past few years has seen a surge in interest in renewable energy.  We have been lucky enough to see some of the first wind farms in Indiana built and become fully functional energy sources right in our back yards.  Not too far from where we live we have two wind farms: Benton County Wind Farms and Fowler Ridge Wind Farms.  To me these wind turbines are absolutely beautiful.  

I'd like to say my little measly portion of GoGreen Duke Energy helped put up these wind turbines. :)

Regardless they are beautiful and hopefully we can see continued efforts to increase the number of sustainable energy resources.  It is always nice to pass these turbines on our way north and I will miss seeing them!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

This Little Bunny

This little She-Devil has struck again!  I started my project (will announce it soon!) and she chewed my yarn and ran away with the project!!

Gwen Bean is lucky she is so cute....  grrrrr!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Last Minute Indiana Trips - 1

The next couple of blog posts will feature some of the recent adventures the SO and I have taken the past few weekends.  You can think of it as us trying to crunch in our last bits of soaking in Indiana history, culture and sites right before we leave the state! 

To begin the adventures, the SO and I recently visited Battleground, Indiana.  Why might we do this?  Well we found out this was the event that spurred the infamous US Presidential Curse.  Have you heard of it?  Between 1840 and 1960 US presidents elected in a year ending with a "0" have either been assassinated or have died of natural causes while in office.  This is known as the Presidential Curse (also known as the Curse of Tippecanoe, Tecumseh's Curse or the Twenty-Year Presidential Jinx). 

One explanation has been a story about an old Native American curse placed on early America, so that every 20 years the "great chief" dies in office.  There are a number of variations of the curse.  But one centers around the Battle of Tippecanoe (1811).  William Harrison (the eventual 9th President of the US) bribed the Native Americans living in the Indiana Territory to cede their lands to the US government.  This, of course, angered the Shawnee Native Americans and Chief Tecumseh declared war (became known as Tecumseh's War) to try to stop the white westward expansion.  One of the bloodiest battles was the Battle of Tippecanoe which led to the eventual War of 1812 and to the eventual slaying of Tecumseh.  To revenge the death of his brother, Tenskwatawa, a Shawnee medicine man known as The Prophet, placed the curse on the leaders of the white man.  

Horrible to bring up the fact that our founders committed a genocide on the native peoples.  But it is an aspect of US history.  The SO and I were a bit surprised to find out the curse and Battle of Tippecanoe happened in our back yards here in Purdue country.  So we decided that before we left the area we should go and take a visit to this historical site.  

In Battleground, Indiana you can actually visit the site of the 1811 Battle.  Today there is a memorial and museum dedicated to the history of the battle.  

The area actually has a small park and a number of hiking and walking trails.

Various gravestones mark the memorials for fallen soldiers.

 A map of some of the trails and local areas of interest (i.e. where other battles and skirmishes were fought).
 It took a little while but we also found the Prophet's Rock.  This was the spot where Tenskwatawa endlessly chanted and delivered prophecies that the white men would fall and the Natives would eventually prevail.
They say he chanted atop this rock.  I was surprised how huge it actually turned out to be.  And it was up on a hill!  I swear this was the largest rock and hill I've seen in Indiana since moving here 6 years ago!
 The SO is 6'2"... told you Prophet's Rock is HUGE!

So yeah, not the nicest location we've ever visited.  But it was interesting to learn (and re-learn) some American history.  We never think to visit local historical spots and today was a reminder that we really should.