Monday, January 31, 2011

3 Year Thyroidectomyversary!

I tell the gruesome story in this post from 2009.

Really I just wanted to take a moment to remember that people can heal and move on from things.  Especially when surrounded by love and support from family and friends.

Thank YOU to my wonderful peeps and family... this event seems like a million years ago!  I think you guys are what have helped me keep going and better myself.  Love you!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Another Dream Swatch

So I promised to update my knitting blog... and here it is!  The project that took me over three months to knit....

A Second DreamSwatch!

Pattern: Dream Swatch Headband, by Wendy Bernard
Yarn: Don't laugh... Red Heart - Heart & Sole.
Needles: 2.0 mm
Started: August, 2010
Finished: December 22, 2010

What can I say?  I like it.  The yarn is okay.  It was cheap and I was having a bad day and wanted to purchase something.  I was next to a Hobby Lobby so I bought it.  Impulse buy.  But honestly this ball of yarn and headband got TRASHED.  It was shoved into bags, purses and any other nook and cranny.  Basically I carried it around for four months just hoping to knit a row or two here and there.  Having said that, I think the yarn held up to the abuse.  And the colors complement my hair.  It's sad though, that it took me so long to complete this project but seriously I pretty much knit a row or two a week -- that's all I had time for!  I did knit a pair of socks... that'll be another post.  I have to stretch my little knitting out!  So here it is... the triumph for last semester!

I have another pair of long socks in the pipeline.  During the holiday break I made great headway on the project.  But semester started a week ago and my knitting has decreased to almost none.  :-( I hope to squeeze in some knitting time soon so I can show you and so I can wear these new warm knits!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Holidays in NH - 2011

Every year we split our holidays between New Hampshire and Indiana.  For the past 4 years we have spent Christmas in Indiana and New Years in New Hampshire.  This year, we spent our Christmas in NH!  It was great to see the family and relax away from the stresses of work and school.  Here is a photo rundown of the trip!

Sad but true -- I ate him.  I almost cried... but then he was delicious.
We went to Kittery in Maine and I made the SO pose in front of the moose.  He always jokes that these are mythical creatures that don't exist because he has yet to see one!
Mumma Roy went shopping -- I had to hold her bags.  
Meet my Bro's SO.  Yes they are engaged... she is lying on the floor trying to get pack the SO and me to get to the chicken fingers.  Yes, I will soon be related to her.  :)  She brings joy into my life.  
Two of my fav people -- Mumma Roy and the SO!
We got some snow in the Hamp.  Mumma Roy had to shovel her way out to the car.  
I wanted a picture in the snow.  The SO was a champ and obliged. 
The SO had never gone snowshoeing so we went!  We went to a place that had trails and rentals.  It was so fun! 
The SO trying to get his snowshoes on.
The snowshoe gang!
Isn't she just ADORABLE!!!
Can you tell we had fun? 
Mumma Roy and me -- breaking "new" snow!
Okay I don't know how to rotate in Blogger... but you get the picture.  
Okay so we went to America's Stonehenge (I'll have more on this later) but they had alpacas!!!  Isn't he cute?!?! 
I just think these guys are adorable!  Of course I bought some yarn!  

So that is our trip in pictures and captions.  The full album of the trip can be found here.  Hope you enjoyed!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Return of Wandering Wednesdays!

It's the happy return of Wandering Wednesday!  I'd like to start another series -- I'm still thinking about what it could be.  But for now I'll just do my random pictures and thoughts.  For today I have a hibiscus flower that was at my rent's house.  Mumma Roy was so excited because one of the flowers bloomed on the day we arrived.  The funny thing -- the second one bloomed the day we left - like 9 days later.  Funny huh?  But anyways... it's it beautiful?

I bid you a very, very, happy Wednesday!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Yes the SO and I took the plunge!

Last blog post I might have quickly mentioned the SO and I decided to get married.

Well we did!

We both will be graduating in May and we are hoping to find joint faculty positions at a college or university.  So in order to get a spousal package deal we needed to get married.  Because we've been dating for ever and because we have been having anxiety over meshing the two families (our families are VERY different), we decided to elope!  Well, kinda, sorta, elope.  It wasn't really eloping because everyone knew about it.  We approached both families and explained our situation.  And we told all of our peeps.  The only part that was eloping was the fact that the SO and I flew out to the Oregon Coast and got married by ourselves.  We contacted a reverend and a photographer and met everyone at Ecola State Park and did our ceremony!

This happened in November.  We decided on our 5 year anniversary - November 12th.  November in Oregon is cold.  November in Oregon is rainy season.  Guess what... we TOTALLY lucked out!  The day was absolutely gorgeous and sunny.  It wasn't too chilly.  Thank goodness as I was in a strappy dress, on a cliff, overlooking the ocean!

We did have a photographer.  I still don't own the digital pictures, however I have a link to the photographer's website:  If you are out in Oregon and need a photographer please contact Sarah McAllister.  This young lady is amazing!  She is artistic and professional.  Her photos explain everything.

And if you need a Reverend out in Oregon, please contact Reverend Tim Barnhart.  He was a pleasure to have residing over our nuptials.  He let us write out whole ceremony and our own vows.  Actually, the SO wrote our whole ceremony!  Reverend Barnhart also brought his two dear friends who have been married for over 50 years to witness our wedding.

Of course our wedding day had to have some drama.  So we started our ceremony in Ecola State Park and overlooked the ocean.  Afterwards we walked around the park and took pictures in the woods and such.  Next the Sarah, the SO and I went down to Cannon Beach to take some more beach pictures next to the water.  I had this brilliant idea to visit Peter Iredale, a shipwreck from 1906.  I thought it would make as a cool backdrop for some pictures.  And I wanted to wreck the dress.  However this shipwreck is 20 minutes north of Cannon Beach so the photographer jumped in her car and we jumped into our little rental car (a Prius) and followed her north.  After a couple of twists and turns we found ourselves driving on the beach... well in the sand dunes.  And do you know what... yep... our little Prius got stuck.  Without hesitation I told the SO to put it into neutral and I jumped out (wedding dress and all) and started to push the car out.  I was afraid that if we let it sit too long it would start to sink and then we'd be screwed.  Sarah quickly came over and helped push it out.  By the end we were all laughing because seriously who pushes a car out of the sand dunes in her wedding dress?  I DO!

Other than that it was a fabulous day.  Actually getting the car stuck just makes for an even better story!  We have a video of the event but I have yet to edit it.  But I hope you enjoy the pictures... the SO and I are so happy we had our little non-traditional wedding this way... the whole event was just so... us!  :)  

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Hello!!!! :)

Wow!  It has been a while, huh?

Well as you can see Grad School has taken a big bite out of my free time.  This past semester I maintained my full-time scientist job, continued full-time grad school AND took part in a part-time internship.  The SO and I took an emergency trip to NH to be with family for my Grammy's passing.  Oh and to throw a little extra into my schedule I traveled to two conferences, the SO decided to elope and get married and we just adopted another bunny.  Phew... a couple of things, huh?  I will update about my life by this weekend.  I have oh so much to tell you!  

On the crafting front, you can probably tell it has been slim-to-nonexistent.  In the past six months I have knit a pair of socks, a Dreamweaver Headband, and now starting on another pair of socks.  Yes, 2.5 projects.  And most upsetting... I have not been keeping up-to-date with all of you!  Luckily I have some time this weekend to go through blogs and will be catching up on what you have all been up to.  So if you suddenly see a number of posts from me from your archived blog posts... you know why.  I'm six months behind in your life!

So this is just a quick hello and I cannot wait to catch up with what you have been up to.  And look out within the next week or so for my rambling blog posts to catch up with where I am now!  And just to brag about my new little fuzzy butt - here is a quick peek at Gwen Bean, our new addition to the family!