Last Minute Indiana Trips - 4

The SO and I took a trip to Delphi, Indiana to see the Wabash and Erie Canal.  Back in the mid-1800's over 460 miles of canal were built and most of it was right here in Indiana.  They wanted to link the Great Lakes to the Ohio River and to the Mississippi and thus the Gulf of Mexico.  Unfortunately for the canal owners, the modern railroad prevailed and the canals never made money and thus were disbanded in the late 1800's.  Today you can visit some of the canal in Delphi.  The area has become a bit of a tourist attraction and you can hike and bike trails and visit a museum.  

Here we are trying to move a wooden "riverboat."  As you can see we couldn't even budge it.  

You can see some of the original canal stone.  Other than the smell from the stagnant water (appealing I know) it was actually kinda pretty.

 The little tunnel we had to pass through... I just thought it would make a cute picture op.
 And other other side of the closed canal.  Yep.  More stink and lots of algae.
 We saw lots of huge fish!  My bro would have loved to fish in the canal.

 And in the museum (I couldn't take pics in the museum) we learned (well re-learned) a lot about the canal system.  To be honest the most fun was a model canal system with actual running water and a wooden boat.  The SO and I had so much fun opening and closing the wooden canals and splashing water everywhere.  I kinda want a water table to play on!


lunaticraft said…
Yum, stagnant water. haha That aside, seems like an awesome place. I might just have to suggest it as a paper topic to some of my students next semester. =)