Last Minute Indiana Trips - 2

The past few years has seen a surge in interest in renewable energy.  We have been lucky enough to see some of the first wind farms in Indiana built and become fully functional energy sources right in our back yards.  Not too far from where we live we have two wind farms: Benton County Wind Farms and Fowler Ridge Wind Farms.  To me these wind turbines are absolutely beautiful.  

I'd like to say my little measly portion of GoGreen Duke Energy helped put up these wind turbines. :)

Regardless they are beautiful and hopefully we can see continued efforts to increase the number of sustainable energy resources.  It is always nice to pass these turbines on our way north and I will miss seeing them!


lunaticraft said…
We have a whole bunch of these installments up by us. Apparently the top of our mountains is prime windmill real estate. Every time a new set goes up the community around it freaks out about what an eyesore they are. But I personally agree with you. They're really a modern marvel.