Lace Cardi Update

The SO and I are now in Rockville and starting to make the new pad into our home.  I should have some updated pictures of the move soon.  

What I wanted to do today was introduce you to my new project.  A couple of days ago I posted a quick pic of the Lace Cardi, but no formal introduction was done.  So here, my friends, is the Lace Cardi: 

I decided to kit the Lace Cardi (patterned designed by Courtney Kelley) published in the Vogue Knitting, Spring/Summer 2011.  I'm using Plymouth Yarn's Dreambaby DK Solid, in a lushous deep purple colorway.  Thus far I'm enjoying the pattern and the yarn.  It's actually a very simple lace pattern (I don't even need the instructions).  I haven't been able to knit a whole lot because of the 11+ hour drive... but I'll try to sneak in a row here and there. 

I know, not the best pictures... but it'll have to do until I find my camera (these were done with my android phone).  I hope to have more pics and stories for you soon!


lunaticraft said…
<3 Android. There's a great camera app called CameraFX that I find to actually be better with the details than the stock camera on my Incredible. It's got some great filters (Toycamera, Poloroid, some other stuff... Toy camera is the best), but the "Normal" Mode actually does pretty well with lace details.

/nerdattack hahaha

The cardi is looking beautiful. =)
Amanda said…
That is going to look great.
Love it!!!!!
Missed your blog while I was away in new mommy land:)