I Should Learn How to Spin

This picture was taken several weeks ago.  Look at all that fur  - and it's from only one of the fur-babies!  

I have been brushing him every day for the past 3 weeks and I get a small ball of soft fur each time.  I totally should have collected it.  Would it be weird to collect and spin my own pets' fur?  It is just very odd... Kyle has never shed like this before.  Typically he'll shed twice a year - once in spring to shed the winter coat and once in fall to get ready for the thick winter coat.  However this spring into summer has been crazy with the fur coming from fuzzy butt.  Gwen Bean has different fur, although still baby soft it is not similar to Kyle's.  Kyle is a Netherland Dwarf and Gwen is a Dwarf Hotot -- so completely different.  But I never thought to collect his fur....

I totally should have!


Amanda said…
Friends on mine did that once with their dog and ended up with a couple of rather nice beanies!