Super Re-Charged!

Just checking in to let everyone know I'm still around.  Semester is coming to a close (I'll be a Master-Master!) and second Master's degree is almost done.  I am presenting at a conference this Friday and then the SO is driving me to the airport on Saturday so I can fly out to another conference (I've never been to Minneapolis!).

Then when I get back the SO and I will start thinking about places to move to... yep I got that job that I blogged about last month!  I was fortunate to receive the Associate Fellowship position for the next year.  So we are moving to Bethesda, MD (just north of DC)!  I'm so excited!

But in the meantime... I am back down to only working.  So you KNOW that means knitting and crafting will start up soon!  I'm so happy because without crafts I tend to get a little crazy.  I'll update more once I return from this trip and soon I hope to have some projects going!  Yay!