Not So Wandering Wednesday

Yep -- Isolation in my little room!

Just a typical low-dose of radiation for a body scan.  Just a 1 year follow-up to verify I'm still cancer-free.  So I'm doing the Cancer Free mantra and dance (good thing I'm isolated and no one can see me!).

I'll be doing taxes, writing the thesis and working on a pair of socks.  I hope to have an update on the socks (and test results) later in the week!

Wish me luck!


lizzzknits said…
My fingers are crossed for you.
ixchel bunny said…
doing the mantra and dance with you :-) as with everything when you know there are at least two in the same boat, it gets easier to do it publicly ..dancing I mean.. oh well, you know what I mean ;-) Hang in there ! Sending you healing vibes and magical sock energy :-)
lunaticraft said…
Good luck and my fingers are crossed! =D
kathy b said…
thrilled for you!!! You beat it baby!