Snowed In!

How did you do last week during the Snowpocalyse?  We had a day of snow and an evening of ice.  Here is my Princess after a 1/2hr of letting the car starter do it's magic. 

Yeah those tires are not snow deep, those are iced in. 
As you can see, we didn't get a lot of snow - just ice!
It was a miracle because Purdue actually closed for two days!  Nevertheless, even though I'm not a grad student I still had to go in on Tuesday to do some experiments.  However, after my boss found out I was to be paid time & a half for hours worked during a snow emergency/university closure, he told me to stay home on the second day.  Unfortunately for my peeps, a grad student was charged with finishing the second day of experiments (grad students = free labor!).

So on the second day I took advantage of staying home.  The SO and I shoveled and chipped the cars out of the snow and ice and I did homework (and some yoga and Zumba too!).  My school (the place I am actually a graduate student at) also closed and I was able to use the time to catch up on reading and essay writing.  Did you get any knitting done during your snowed in  days?  I hope you did so I can vicariously live through you!  :)


Lupie said…
I have had it with the snow. Want spring to come.