Bunny Training

We have started training/bonding the two buns.  

Boy - this is a chore! 

The vet recommended placing the buns in a neutral place - such as a bathtub.  So the SO and I prepped the tub (i.e. made sure it was dry, got plenty of hay and a water spray bottle in hand for any fights) and threw (or gently placed) Kyle and Gwen into the tub.  And this is what we got for the first 10 minutes.  

They totally ignored each other.  Well - kinda.  It was more of a standoff.  Look at Kyle try to hog all of the hay!  What a brat!  But you could tell Gwen was really interested in Kyle and really wanted to play.  So she gathered up the courage and ran next to him.  

And that seemed to go okay ------ until he took a nip at her!  He came away with a mouth full of black fur :(
She seemed okay but I felt so bad!  So we went back to the stand-off.  But a little closer.

Gwen kept inching closer.  But Kyle was onto her moving. 

And here he is going for the attach (she is okay - the SO grabbed Kyle out while I took the picture like a good mommy).  

So after a week of trying to bunny bonding/training and we are still struggling.  I know it's going to take a while but these two are difficult.  Actually it's just Kyle.  Little Gwen really wants to play and Kyle is just an old bunny stuck in his ways.  Hopefully soon we'll have some cute buns snuggling pics, but for now we just have two grumpy buns in a tub for ya!  


kathy b said…
I just learned how to access the FOLLOWERS on my blog. I have now bookmarked yours! The bunnies are too adorable. Your note after the car incident was wonderful! Thanks for reading me at irisheyes
lunaticraft said…
AWWWWWWWW!!!! I might die of cuteness, even if they are grumpy. Best of luck with the socialization. We had a similar sitch when we got the puppy three years ago with our cats, who were 6 at the time. There was considerably more blood involved, but the good news is they're now the best of friends. I'm sure these two will love each other soon enough!