A Big Oops!

Last week I made a big oops.

As I was leaving my internship I had a sudden urge to buy yarn.  Silly, I know, because I have a huge stash and I have not been knitting at all.  But I really needed to buy something, specifically yarn, at that very moment.  

I just happened to be driving by, not not a LYS, but a big box store.  So I quickly pulled into the parking lot and opened up my door -- only to have it BLOWN out of my hand and smack into the car next to me!  I quickly jumped out and checked the car next to me as well as my car door.  I didn't see any dent, only a small tiny scratch.  But I felt so bad!  I didn't know what to do.  And after the fiasco from the previous year when my car was damaged by a hit and run, I'm a little hypersensitive about these sorts of things.  Plus, I felt really bad about putting a scratch in someone else's car.  So I did the nice thing, I took out a piece of paper and wrote the owner of the car a note, apologized and signed it with my name and number.

And then I decided that because I already did some damage, why not go in a buy some crappy ass yarn!?!  So I did.  And I bought this:  

I really don't know what it is.  Deborah Norville?  Serenity?  The content is 50% Merino, 25% Bamboo and 25% Nylon.  It IS wicked soft.  And it is in a nice purples and black/gray colorway.  I have no idea what I'm going to do with it.  But it was cheap, and I needed to spend money at that moment, so I bought it as a splurge.

Finally, that evening I received a phone call from an elderly gentleman.  He wanted to tell me that he thought that my note was a very honest, caring and noble deed.  He said that he had not seen a nice gesture like that in eons and he wanted to call and let me know that the car is fine, he didn't even see a scratch and wanted to thank me for being honest.  He really was surprised and humbled by my gesture.  I'm glad I did it.  I was a little scared.  But looking back I'm proud that I was honest - yes maybe a little hypersensitive.  But who knows, maybe I just did one of those pass-it-on gestures.  I know I saw at least two people watching me leave a note (and take a pic of both cars - I told you I'm crazy).  But I hope I continue to do little gestures of kindness like this - it made me feel good knowing I helped this man, as he put it, "feel that the younger generation isn't that bad, after all."


lunaticraft said…
Awww man! Car things can be sooooo scary. Especially worrying if you're going to have to deal with insurance, and so on and so forth. =( I'm glad everything worked out alright!

As for that splurge, I think you'll be pleased. I've used that yarn before, and I loved the way it felt once it was knitted up. Super soft. Now if only I didn't have to frog the project because of my own stupid mistakes. Hahaha
Lupie said…
I am proud of you!