Alpaca oh-paca!

I mentioned in a previous post that while in NH, Mumma Roy, the SO and I went to America's Stonehenge for snowshoeing.  Located in Salem, New Hampshire it was a quick 1/2hr drive from my rents place.    
The model shows the astronomical alignments of the rock formations.
The info plaque for the model located in the visitors lodge. 
Overall the place is pretty cool.  Well, for one, we were able to rent snowshoes and hike around the trails.  But the snowshoeing is not what has made this a popular place.  America's Stonehenge  is on the map for the (maybe ancient) rock formations.  Many of the rock formations are in exact alignment with the astronomical calendar (i.e. equinoxes and such).  They cite the similarities in other ancient observatories throughout the world such as Easter Island, Stonehenge in England, the Pyramid of Giza and Machu Picchu in Peru.  Okay, I honestly cannot make any factual statements about America's Stonehenge being similar to the magnificence of these other sites... but that is what the place claims!  :) 

Unfortunately we could not see the rock formations because of the blanket of snow.  But we went for the snowshoeing (previous post on the snowshoeing trip can be found here).  What I wanted to show you today is the yarn that I purchased!     

Funny, huh? Alpaca's at a place such as this.  But they apparently have a small alpaca farm that they call Alpaca Tracks.  This was, of course, much to my surprise and excitement.  I'm not sure Mumma Roy and the SO were as excited about the alpaca's.  The SO especially.  I'm sure he knew that alpaca farm meant some yarn was getting purchased and coming home!    

I have already shown a couple of these pictures of the alpacas... but they are just ADORABLE!  I'm sure you don't mind seeing these buddies again!  

More Rocky because I fell in love with him!
I think these are the females in another enclosure - away from the boys. 
I am not sure if this is Trooper or Kordell... either way he's cute!
 So yes... I go on a random hike through the snow and I still find a place with fiber-y goodness!

The yarn.  Okay... I have to admit.  It is not the most luxurious, softest alpaca yarn I have ever touched.  But just seeing the animals and knowing where the yarn came from was enough.  I only bought one skein so it'll be a small, itty-bitty project.  Maybe it was a pity purchase.  But I wanted to try to support this place and their alpaca farm.  
Nice weight and nicely spun. 
Nice colors... just not as soft as I would like.
I have some yarn from Rocky's fine fiber!
Have you ever purchased a skein (or more) just because?  I wanted to purchase more... but at $23 for a 213 yard skein for yarn that I wasn't enthusiastic about, I couldn't purchase more.  Clearly I bought it because I fell in love with these fuzzy buggers and wanted to support the farm.  So, have you ever had a moment like this?