Holidays in NH - 2011

Every year we split our holidays between New Hampshire and Indiana.  For the past 4 years we have spent Christmas in Indiana and New Years in New Hampshire.  This year, we spent our Christmas in NH!  It was great to see the family and relax away from the stresses of work and school.  Here is a photo rundown of the trip!

Sad but true -- I ate him.  I almost cried... but then he was delicious.
We went to Kittery in Maine and I made the SO pose in front of the moose.  He always jokes that these are mythical creatures that don't exist because he has yet to see one!
Mumma Roy went shopping -- I had to hold her bags.  
Meet my Bro's SO.  Yes they are engaged... she is lying on the floor trying to get pack the SO and me to get to the chicken fingers.  Yes, I will soon be related to her.  :)  She brings joy into my life.  
Two of my fav people -- Mumma Roy and the SO!
We got some snow in the Hamp.  Mumma Roy had to shovel her way out to the car.  
I wanted a picture in the snow.  The SO was a champ and obliged. 
The SO had never gone snowshoeing so we went!  We went to a place that had trails and rentals.  It was so fun! 
The SO trying to get his snowshoes on.
The snowshoe gang!
Isn't she just ADORABLE!!!
Can you tell we had fun? 
Mumma Roy and me -- breaking "new" snow!
Okay I don't know how to rotate in Blogger... but you get the picture.  
Okay so we went to America's Stonehenge (I'll have more on this later) but they had alpacas!!!  Isn't he cute?!?! 
I just think these guys are adorable!  Of course I bought some yarn!  

So that is our trip in pictures and captions.  The full album of the trip can be found here.  Hope you enjoyed!


beffuh said…
Where are the pics of the yarn you got? Those alpacas are so cute!
lunaticraft said…
Oh my goodness, that looks like SO MUCH FUN. Snowshoeing = now on my list of things to try.