Another Dream Swatch

So I promised to update my knitting blog... and here it is!  The project that took me over three months to knit....

A Second DreamSwatch!

Pattern: Dream Swatch Headband, by Wendy Bernard
Yarn: Don't laugh... Red Heart - Heart & Sole.
Needles: 2.0 mm
Started: August, 2010
Finished: December 22, 2010

What can I say?  I like it.  The yarn is okay.  It was cheap and I was having a bad day and wanted to purchase something.  I was next to a Hobby Lobby so I bought it.  Impulse buy.  But honestly this ball of yarn and headband got TRASHED.  It was shoved into bags, purses and any other nook and cranny.  Basically I carried it around for four months just hoping to knit a row or two here and there.  Having said that, I think the yarn held up to the abuse.  And the colors complement my hair.  It's sad though, that it took me so long to complete this project but seriously I pretty much knit a row or two a week -- that's all I had time for!  I did knit a pair of socks... that'll be another post.  I have to stretch my little knitting out!  So here it is... the triumph for last semester!

I have another pair of long socks in the pipeline.  During the holiday break I made great headway on the project.  But semester started a week ago and my knitting has decreased to almost none.  :-( I hope to squeeze in some knitting time soon so I can show you and so I can wear these new warm knits!