Thursday, August 12, 2010

Wandering Wednesday: More Seattle Fun!

A day late: but we are back for another installment of Wandering around the Pacific Northwest!  

What is a visit to Seattle without a stop at the world-famous Pike Place Market?!  

The SO and I joined two peeps (my Peanut and knitting-extraordinare Kristin) and did some site-seeing prior to the wedding.  We started our 1/2 day of Seattle at Pike Place and loved it!  I'm not a flower gal, however the flowers were BEAUTIFUL!  And cheap!  This photo does not do the flowers justice, but trust  me the bouquets were beautiful and cheap.  Some of the big beautiful bouquets were only $10-$15!  
A stroll around Pikes Place can only be better if you are munching on something delicious.  And trust me, there is not a limited supply of yummy food.  We stopped at Piroshky Pieroshky, a delicious Russian bakery. Of course we had piroshkies.  

They had amazing looking veggies.  Including fiddleheads - something I have been describing to the SO for years.  Apparently we can't get them here in Indiana.  But these baby ferns were in abundance (back in May) at the market.  Check out the morel mushrooms in the pic below!  And just all the beautiful fruits and veggies! 

And of course what is a trip out to Seattle's Pike's Place without a stop at the fish market.  We saw the dudes throw and catch the fish.  It was pretty cool.  

I tried to get a pic of the fish flying, however I'm not that skillzzed.  

And what about the first Starbucks?!  Yeppers.  I got a wonderful mocha cafe,with soy, no whip.  It was yummy! 

And of course I had to pet Rachel the Pig.  She is the unofficial mascot of the market and apparently if you drop some change in her and rub her nose you'll have good luck.  I dropped a number of coins in and rubbed, rubbed, rubbed!  :)

Friday, August 6, 2010

Yarn Bombing In My Town!!!

A couple months ago Mumma Roy and I were walking in downtown, visiting the Farmers Market when I came across this (I tried to highlight the knitting because my phone sux as a camera):  
I found a tree that has been  Yarn Bombed!  I was so excited (much to the embarrassment of my Mum and to the passers by on the sidewalk).  Kudos to you who did this... I loved seeing it!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

10 Years of Color - a study

Two years ago I painted a huge canvas red.  Yes Red.  I took red and black acrylic paint and I created this:  

I still don't really know why.  I just felt in the mood to paint.  

Fast forward two years later. 

After the SO and I got back from the trip and I felt inspired to paint again.  Weird, I know!  This is the scene that inspired the painting urge:

This is a pic of the scenery from our hotel room window in Astoria, Oregon.  Isn't that lovely?!  It was really beautiful.  AND... just a 3 minute walk from this spot we saw sea lions!  Astoria really is an amazing place (here is my nod to the SO's USA Today's PopCandy guest blog post on our Astoria trip). 

When we got back to IN, I created this painting "inspired" from the picture.  It is now hanging on our wall with my red painting.  I'm guessing another 2 years and I'll have another random painting, maybe yellow or orange.  I call it my 10 Years of Color series.  I'm totally joking... maybe.