Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Wandering Wednesday: BSoD!

Sorry for the blurry photo -- the SO took this pic in the mall a couple weeks back.  

That is a picture of a soda vending machine... yep with the Blue Screen of Death (BSoD)!  

If you want a non-blurry image let me know and I can text message you the pic... that's why it's blurry the SO took a quick shot with his phone.  We thought it was hilarious... I guess even coke machines can get the BSoD!  I would advise you to NOT get a soda from that machine!   

Saturday, March 27, 2010


A while back I complained about not being able to order the Knit Picks Options Interchangeable Needle Connectors.

All I can say is "SUCCESS!"

The other day I was having a busy day at work and quickly ran into the office to take a swig of water.  I glanced at the email and hit refresh as I did so, the Knit Picks notification for the item showed up.  I took the two minutes to click over to Knit Picks and hit order (because I already had my shopping cart ready - yes I have been waiting for almost 2 months, sad).  And of course, as I am on the knitting website (for about 1 minute now) my boss walks in and see my screen.  Yep.  Of course.  I had been running around for HOURS running an assay, an immuno and doing cell culture.  But the two minutes to click and order my damn little connectors and my boss catches me in the act.  Oi.

Well all in all... I think it's worth it.  :)  In a few days I will have my damn little connectors!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Return of Wandering Wednesday!

After a little break I am back with a new rejuvenation to continue with Wandering Wednesdays.  No changes... just random things that I come across that I want to share with you!

Today I want to direct you to this:

These are cute little purses (and wallets) are made from actual books.  The creator of these unique items is Caitlin Phillip.  I found out about this from the New York Times books blog Paper Cuts (direct link to blog post).  And here is link to Caitlin's website, Rebound Designs - go there she has some really cool stuff!  And she can make custom purses if you have a favorite book that happens to be falling apart.  Very cute, creative and I'm just having a hard time figuring out which one I want first!  :)

Friday, March 19, 2010

On the Final Stretch

On the final bit of my Lightweight Pullover (the one that got frogged after another body-size/image catastrophe).  Here are some quick images and as you can see, this time it fits nicely!  I am now working on the sleeves and it'll be done just in time for the 70 degree weather we'll have next week!  :)  Oi, someday I'll finish my knits during the appropriate season.  Oh and sorry for the blurry pics... I took these yesterday in isolation, so the SO couldn't take pics and now you see why I have him do it as mine come out blurry.

Oh one last thing...

I have a number of peeps expecting (first and second) children in the next several months.  A couple are really close friends and others are close family members (Kendell and Amy, just stop reading please).  :)   Any suggestions on what I should knit?  I'm not very skilled at the baby knitting, but all know I am a knitter and I'm sure they would love to have something, even little.  Any suggestions?  Thanks in advance!  

Thursday, March 18, 2010

A Crazy Semester

Hi Everyone!

I write to you from my little room in my apartment.  Yep, I'm in isolation again - but no worries (!) as this is just the 6-month check-up to make sure last September/October's radiation therapy worked.  I had the shots this past Monday & Tuesday, radiation yesterday (slept and did taxes all day after The Pill), and now today I wait in anticipation of March Madness to start.

I have had a crazy semester thus far.  All A's on all assignments, in all classes.  So it's all going well.  I'm just terribly busy with no social life.  No, I'm not complaining.  After all, a normal person does NOT work full-time and attend grad school full-time.  However I want to finish this program next year, so the crazy busy schedule is on purpose.  So even though my social life, knitting and running have all taken a back seat it's only for another 1.5 months.

For today I just wanted to say hi... let you know I'm having the low radioactive iodine for a body scan, and that I plan on having a couple more posts in the next few days.  I'm going to cut this post short so I can go and catch up on all of your lives through your blogs!  I miss a bunch of my virtual knitting peeps so don't be surprised by the mass of comments I'm about to leave you!

And I'm counting down for the basketball to begin (hey if I'm gonna have radiation, might as well have it during March Madness opening weekend)!  

Typical picture of the SO, Joe Lunardi and me representing the start of college basketball tournament!