10 Years of Color - a study

Two years ago I painted a huge canvas red.  Yes Red.  I took red and black acrylic paint and I created this:  

I still don't really know why.  I just felt in the mood to paint.  

Fast forward two years later. 

After the SO and I got back from the trip and I felt inspired to paint again.  Weird, I know!  This is the scene that inspired the painting urge:

This is a pic of the scenery from our hotel room window in Astoria, Oregon.  Isn't that lovely?!  It was really beautiful.  AND... just a 3 minute walk from this spot we saw sea lions!  Astoria really is an amazing place (here is my nod to the SO's USA Today's PopCandy guest blog post on our Astoria trip). 

When we got back to IN, I created this painting "inspired" from the picture.  It is now hanging on our wall with my red painting.  I'm guessing another 2 years and I'll have another random painting, maybe yellow or orange.  I call it my 10 Years of Color series.  I'm totally joking... maybe.  


Beautiful! I like the red one too. I'm amazed when people can translate thoughts or emotions into something visual.
bunnits said…
I love those. They make me want to start painting again, but it's a case of too many things I love to do; too little time. I'll enjoy yours, instead.
choperena said…
That red painting is something I would definitely have. It's "my" red, and it feels like my head. The Blue picture looks like a painting itself, and the painting came out very nice!
Sigrun said…
I love both the paintings. since I love all things blue, you can guess which one I am more drawn to.
Nancy McCarroll said…
Keep on painting! Itis good for the heart! Darling Mary Jane booties, btw. I'm following you now as I like your blog.
lunaticraft said…
OMG, I love both of them! I'd totes hang those on my wall too. =D
Lupie said…
You are good! You should sell them.