We're back!

The SO and I have been back for a week now.  It was nice to see the family and take some time to think about Grammy.  It is still hard for me... so I'm not going to say too much - other than it was wicked good to be back in NH for a week and see and be with the family.

So yes, we are back, and my-oh-my what a summer it has been!

My summer Library Management course is wrapping up (one week to go!).  And work is, well work.  Oh, on the upshot... I got my internship!  I will be interning at a local hospital library this fall semester.  I hope to meet with Patty (the library director) in the next week or two so I can figure out the projects I will have for the semester.  I cannot WAIT to dive into LibraryLand -  You will all hear about it as the semester progresses.

And finally... Yes, I will get back to the Wandering Wednesday - Pacific Northwest Trip posts.  But most importantly... KNITTING!  I have been ITCHING for some knitting!  The SO told me last night I have (HAVE) to take 10-15 minutes each night just dedicated to knitting.  I haven't knit a stitch in over a month.  So yes, I will have some posts soon of previous FO's and starting tonight I will be dedicating a little time each night just to knitting.  I think the SO knows, I need to knit even just a little... for my sanity and everyone else's!  :)

Rose from the Portland, OR at the Rose Garden.

Happy Wednesday Folks - it's good to be back!


Lupie said…
Glad you're back. Can't wait to see lots of pictures!
Happy you get to be back home:)