Knitting?! On a Knitting Blog?!


I actually finished both of these items a while ago.  However, I was a badass and didn't send either to my cousin so I haven't been able to blog about it (Dear Cous is an occasional prowler of this blog).  But while I was in NH I saw my Dear Cous and I gave her the gifts... and now I can show you!  

First, I have simple little booties.  My Dear Cousin is having (well has now had) her second child.  Dear Cous was oh-so-uber preggos when I saw her.  She is SO FREAKIN' CUTE!  I hope that if the SO and I ever decide to procreate, I am that cute.  But I astray, back to the booties.  Everyone at work loved the little Mary Jane's.  I liked the little purple flower button for the strap.  

Pattern: Mary Jane Baby Booties by Lucie Sinkler
Started & Finished: In one evening back in May

The next item was something I started back in February.  Basically, I didn't want to send the Mary Jane's and gift card for the baby and not give anything to Little E.  Little E, is my Dear Cousins' first child.  She is ADORABLE!  So to appease Little E (and my urge to knit a strawberry purse) I just started knitting and would knit a couple rows then put it down for a week, then pick it up and try to figure it out as I went.  

I knit the main part.  Intarsia and all!  Then I added a bead handle.  Initially I had a long handle, then (because I have the fantastic imagination of Guillermo del Toro and Steven King) I envisioned it getting tangled around Little E and I would be the cause of harm to Little E.  So I went with a small, hand-held handle.  Then I didn't like how things could poke through the knitted fabric.  So I (yes I) sewed!  I went out and purchased red fabric, found red thread and I hand stitched a liner and stitched it into the bag!  I am kinda proud of that.    

 Finally I knit a flap so Little E could close her purse for privacy.

 I really loved the little knit.  I was uber proud of myself for 1 - doing intarsia, 2 - sewing and 3 - free-style knitting!  I think Little E liked it as I saw her holding and playing with her new purse.  Someday I'll make another one, and I'll try to write up a pattern.  But for now I'm just satisfied that it came out and it came out wicked cute... and most importantly Little E liked her gift!


Sara said…
Adorable purse!!! The booties are cute too! Great job on them both.
They are both so cute! I love the purse alteration ( I'm more of a George Romero E. A. Poe mix myself:) and I'd be afraid of that too. And the booties are marvelous.
choperena said…
The strawberry is so adorable! Perfect for a little (or many not -so-little) girl!
Lupie said…
I think little Eloise will need a pair of the booties. I better get started!