Catching up

Whoa... Long time!  I think I needed that break to come off the vacation high, get shot back down to real world with work, have a visit from Mumma Roy and start a new class.

That pretty much sums up the past month!

I do have to share this with you.  The SO was asked to be a guest blogger on Pop Candy (a blog with USA Today).  His blog post talked about our time in Astoria, Oregon.  This post was about the movie spots we went to.  You can find that post here.

I am thinking about posting random bits of my vacation as my Wandering Wednesday for the next couple of months.  The SO and I loved it so much and really would love to move out there.  But alas... we are "stuck" here for another year as we both finish up our graduate programs.  So I'm thinking this year long - Wandering Wednesdays in Oregon will be a fun little reminder as the Senior-itis kicks in.  It'll be motivation to finish so we can maybe move out there (or at least somewhere!).

I have a couple of projects that I finished and started during the break.  Look for posts later this week!


Lupie said…
So cool! I have to tell daughter to check it out because she loves that movie.
That's so the vacation I wanna take! I even looked at homes in Astoria online when we were house shopping, never serious but a serious dream! Congrats on Senioritus! Makes work so hard, but great too. I admire you for pursuing your dream.
Kristin said…
Great photos from your trip! It looks like you guys had a lot of fun after we parted ways in Seattle.

And your post is really making want to watch the Goonies again. Love that movie (even though I never actually watched it when I was a kid).