Wandering Wednesday: Busy Busy Busy!

It is almost the end of the semester and I'm wicked busy!  I have 4 final projects, an OP and a final exam all in the next 1-1.5 weeks -- plus we have a couple grant supplements due at work!  YIKES!

Having said that -- I don't have too much on the crafting front.  So for today's Wandering Wednesday I'm going to be cheap and send a link to the current webpage I am making for class.  No clue why I am passing it along other than I have nothing else to blog about.  :-/    It's still not done (I have to validate the coding and post it to the prof) but I think I'm getting fast at making simple pages... I have worked on this page for a total of 3hrs and it's almost done!  And if you are super bored I have the link to the pages I've been creating all semester for this class.

Just stopped by to let you know I will probably be MIA for the next 2 week -- ok gonna go start on the next final project!


Sigrun said…
busy is good. Looking forward to your return.