My Little Strawberry Pouch/Cozy

The other week I really needed a quick little project to knit.  We were on a drive to SO's family's church for Easter so I was antzy and knew I had to do something because an hour drive there, hour in church and another hour drive back would KILL me!  So I made this little bundle of cuteness: 

I had left over cotton yarn from various projects and I really needed a pouch for my Diva Cup.  Yes, more info than you ever needed to know.  But if you are all hippie and into saving the environment in various little ways (as I like to do) then the diva cup is a great way to go.  It saves on tampons (or pads or whatever you happen to use) and it saves you money!  It costs a little more to begin with, however after just a couple of months it has paid for itself.

Well anyways, I needed a new pouch for it.  I had previously seen the Uterus Menstrual Cup Cozy (Ravelry Link here).  Cute.  A little odd.  But you know me... I like odd.  However I don't know how to crochet.  I had also previously seen the Strawberry Menstrual Cup Pouch (Ravelry Link here).  Again cute.  Not as odd.  But again, I don't know how to crochet.

So after finding the red and green scrap yarn I grabbed my dpn's and jumped in the car to go to Easter service.  By the time we got home after church and work (yes I went in to work to transduce and split and plate cells for various experiments, I love torturing myself), I had a cute little pouch done.  However the SO took one look at it and said it looked like a turnip!  So I ended up going back and stitching little "seeds" with scrap brown yarn.  And I think it turned out kinda cute!

 Regular stockinette stitch in the round and when I thought it was a good time to start "leaves" I added green yarn to the mix.  That's right, this was my first time using fair isle technique.  Granted it was only with the two colors for the two rows, it was my first time taking two colors and carrying the yarn across the back while knitting.  I kinda liked it.  :)  I may have to try a Fair Isle project in the near future!

I used a picot bind-off to simulate leaves for the top of the strawberry.  And finally to close the pouch I braided a cord.  In hindsight I should have made an I-cord to stick with the knitting style.  But if I was really being picky I should have done intarsia when knitting the "seeds" as well.  

Overall I thought it was a cute little project on the fly.  I might make another one, just a regular pouch that won't hold scary womanly products.  If I make one I'll try intarsia for the seeds and leafy top.  And maybe I'll write it up.

I also was thinking this would be cute in a larger size, like a cute spring/summer bag for a little kid.  Hmmm.....


It is so cute! And your larger size kid version idea is great. I also love your sweater from last week. It looks awesome!
choperena said…
I've been wanting to make skylla for a couple of years now, but the strawberry is completely adorable!
Lupie said…
I have never heard of a Dive Cup!
If I were still in that stage of life I would use it.